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  • Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker is not a spin-off of the series. It is not some side-story,

  • or alternate reality or anything like that. Peace Walker was originally going to be MGS5,

  • so that will let you know how big it is to the story. This is a major point in the story

  • of Snake/Big Boss and also one of the more interesting games in the series.

  • The story takes place after Portable Ops but before the original Metal Gear. Big Boss and

  • Kaz Miller have created an army without a nation and are ready to build a new home.

  • Their services are requested in Costa Rica, and after hearing a familiar voice on a audiotape,

  • Big Boss sets out. There will be intrigue, betrayal, torture, and more, all mixed with

  • great MGS characters, both new and old.

  • One of the major points to the game is how to make a full Metal Gear Solid game play

  • well on the PSP. They succeed in this by being creative. The controls have been streamlined

  • and simplified, and work well. It takes a little to get used to it all, but when you

  • do it will feel like Metal Gear.

  • The gameplay is also a mix of the familiar and new, feeling both very in line with Metal

  • Gear but also offering enough new things that it feels very much its own thing. For one,

  • the game is mission based, allowing you to select your camo, weapons, and equipment before

  • each new mission. Sneaking through the grass, bring tranquilizers and suppressors. Squaring

  • off against a tank, might want to exchange them for a rocket launcher and machine gun,

  • but the choice is yours. Also, in addition to the fantastic Big Boss story missions,

  • there are tons of extra operations that you can complete. Doing so will unlock additional

  • gear and missions.

  • Another feature that works well and keeps you interested is Mother Base. Throughout

  • the missions, you can recruit, if you want to call it that, additional soldiers to join

  • your army. You can assign them to combat, medical, mess hall, R&D, or intel. More quality

  • soldiers, the higher that division's level and the better gear and weapons you can develop.

  • It’s crazy how much more incentive this provides to replay missions to fill your army

  • with only the best. There is just so much to do, complete extra ops, develop gear, send

  • out soldiers to extra ops. And you can have other real people join your missions and help.

  • Peace Walker is a great addition to the Metal Gear franchise. The story is very relevant,

  • tying together many games, and the additional ways to play are all welcome. It all builds

  • to create one of the best Metal Gear games, no matter what system it is on.

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker is not a spin-off of the series. It is not some side-story,

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