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  • So boba is not that bad, but you know what is bad?

  • Boba Liberalism!

  • But what is that?

  • Which is the next PAA we are going to talk about.

  • The answer to this question is extracted from an article titled "The Rise (and Stall) of

  • the Boba Generation" published by Eater, which is a food and dining website

  • owned by Vox Media.

  • This is a very long article started off by elaborately discussing the cultural significance

  • of bubble tea to the Asian community, then the author goes on to explain how bubble tea

  • and " food porn" in general has become a symbol for Asian American to rectify their perceived

  • differences in western countries.

  • So the concept is like, you might not like some aspects of my culture, but who can

  • hate Bubble Tea?Everyone love it!

  • But this kind of tendency to pursue more positive representation in mainstream media by highlight

  • the morewestern friendlyaspect of Asian culture while selectively ignoring other

  • ethnic issues is criticized by some activists in Asian Community.

  • They call this kind of activism boba liberalism because it's like boba tea-A lot of sugar,

  • a lot of calories, but no nutrition, no substances.

  • For example, while some Asian American appraise the Asian representation inCrazy Rich Asian

  • , the critics of Boba liberalism tend to think the film is a bad representation

  • because it selectively highlight the life style of middle and higher class Asian population

  • and to some degree reinforce themodel minority mythAnother criticism of boba

  • liberalism is that if you focus on chasing the positive representation of your home countries

  • or your countries of origin, you might be reluctant to speak out to other social issues

  • of your home countries(like poverty and, in some case, human right infringement) . You

  • might even try to suppress negative coverage of your home countries just because you don't

  • want your home countries' image being hurt.

  • We all know that happens.

  • If you want to learn more about what is boba liberalism, I include a lot of further reading

  • in the description.

  • Very Interesting concept.Hello, everyone!

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So boba is not that bad, but you know what is bad?

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