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well thank you
not before we get started I I think
but you know there are some pioneers of of course
we have the pioneers that you're on stage but there were some
but the really important thing here is it not
they do we just saw and a couple more here in the audience so
I meet a poor who is a regular he could you stand up
and fred get that is to let not come easily for mister knight fred
it is in the road but I do want to recognize up
our fellow journalist French wonderful fortune who did the last to my knowledge the left
and energy these guys did it was
not a statement was a fortune magazine interview brenda either through the roof York
can you estimate
so like it started I'm I was asked that there's a lot of a not a lot of have quite a thing
in on the plaza press I think that
he wanted said
and fact I do think it's a nasty is what do you think each has contributed to the computer
and technology industries thank you Steve for bell
thanks Chris
we'll build built the first software company
in the industry
I think he built the first all for coming before anybody
really in our industry US offer company once except for these kids
that's huge
I was really in the business model think that pursuing turned out to be the one that
work really well you know for the industry
I think that that the the biggest thing was bill was
really focused on saw for before almost anybody else
it had a clue
the that it was really the software
as a that's what I see and lot of other things you can say that that's the high road a bit
and I think building the company's really hard
the players
it requires year
greatest persuasive abilities to hire the best people you can keep them
%uh keeping that your company keep working you know
the best word to the wise hopefully
bill's been able to stay with it for
all these years
bill about
the country steven apple
well personally fair trial
not think Steve jobs up
with what's being done is quite
but not all in if you look back to nineteen seventy seven
that helpful to computer the idea
it did it would be a mass market machine
%uh huh
now the bat that was made there by apple uniquely they were other people apart but the idea
this could be
the an incredible on power and phenomenon
apple pursued that jury
and then
among the most fun things we did the math it was the macintosh council risky
and people may not remember that apple really got the company
lisa hadn't done that well in partners some people were saying okay that several proposals
but the
that team that the building within the company
a pursue that
%uh even some days it felt a little ahead of its time up at a record up for the gif
Barack and in the twenty K cap
I mean I think the defendant
he gave a speech wants which is one of my favorites three talked about in a certain
sense to rebuild the products that we want to use our south up
instead he's really pursue that with incredible to houston elegance that
is that a a huge impact on the industry
%uh and his ability to
come around and figure out where that next step should be
on been phenomenal and what happened literally was failing
he went back in
marie infuse the
%uh inundation
and in risk-taking that
been but also the industry's benefited immensely
up from his his work with both unlikely to be part of it but
you know i'd say he's contributed as much spending
%uh we've also we also both incredibly lucky
to had
great partners
the we started the companies with
and we've attracted great people
everything that's been done and microsoft and apple them by just
remarkable people
none of which is enough year
today I you're sort of the I have no doubt that
you're certain here so you can wear your distance for all those on the you know where we are
on her table
so bill mention the happened to you in
in nineteen seventy seven and
thirty years ago and there were a couple of other computers with
which were %uh
in get the idea that
average people might be able to use them in looking back on it
and really average average person might not have been able to use them of by today's standards
but it certainly broaden the base of who could use computers
I actually looked in Indiana
at an apple and from nineteen seventy eight it was a print that rejection
and %uh
and it said thousands of people have discovered the apple computer that
and he also said
you don't want to buy one of these computers we put a cartridge it
and I think that was that's a a reference to the one of the party or
something you wanted to you could write your own programs
and so the world and obviously
it's as though he has a very strange as that that we have one more
it was in the kitchen
and there is a old all of what it looked like of the wife
and she was taking recipes on the computer with the husband looking on approvingly the
of I think
now how did that work for the twelfth
so on
but but just think back to you I I knew the story might so far
nineteen seventy seven east I think apple start of the year for instance if the facts
the north at its word ready to live
that now than we did debate that the basic and seventy five
mostly will of at some people here but I don't think most people know that there was actually
a man
%uh so much stuff software and that apple to computer
to want to talk about
what happened there have that
how that occurred
yeah very
the in the health care and a few other companies at about twenty four the done
there's some change but the seventy seven
group included that tax
up here as a barometer of the popular press
onto your CD the apple two
the regional level to be thinking in terms of basic
nothing to do with
but that was a fourteen point one
%uh where
and then most important laws on that
I like mate
and you can tell this story
meanwhile clients
my partner was that I was that it wasn't brilliant brilliant guy
he writes this basic
it is like the best basic on the planet get that stuff that no other basics ever done
that the right flank their messages that finds the typings that
it's perfect in every way
except for one thing
which is is it just six points that's not it's not flowing
and still work
getting a lot of input the people want this basic to be floating point
and what worked and what please please make this point 'cause we got to keep learning
balmy get back wants to make this one point
and he's never got don't want care about people and week
he helps them learn to live with this all just become a pretty tight in
he's never got around to making one point
what usual mysteries of life I don't know
and so you know microsoft had this very popular really good for the point is it that we end
up going to them
send help
and and how much was that I think your thoughts rose thirty one thousand dollars that are
you for that floating point basic I feel left out was spent two days they're getting the
because I think that in many ways that people start things of night
that was fun
I think the most fun up
this is later up the first of all most of us haven't felt tell the story because one
that was later and anything not month
no it's not
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Steve Jobs e Bill Gates Juntos Part 1 Legendado

1911 Folder Collection
賴彥佐 published on September 3, 2014
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