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  • Yesterday we were in front of an apartment building that Russia attacked on the outskirt of Kyiv.

  • That is no longer the case.

  • This is one of several sites right in the heart of the city that Russia attacked overnight.

  • But despite all of this,

  • three prime ministers from Poland to Czech Republic and Slovenia are coming here in person today

  • to Kyiv to meet with president Zelensky to show solidarity,

  • even as Russia is carrying out attacks on cities all across this country.

  • The southern city of Mariupol looks almost post-apocalyptic,

  • columns of smoke rising from dozens of fires.

  • Russia has been firing into the captive city of 400,000 like shooting at hostages.

  • A few hundred packed cars were able to get out through a Humanitarian Corridor.

  • While overnight in Kyiv, there were more apparently random attacks,

  • missiles fired at the city, hitting a subway station.

  • This morning here volunteers were sweeping up in the collective spirit.

  • No one called them, they just came from the neighborhood to help.

  • This strike hit a subway station in central Kyiv.

  • The Russians are no longer just picking off targets on the outskirt of the city,

  • but now hitting the commercial and residential center of the city.

  • Up above the station is extensively damaged.

  • but these subways were dug during Soviet times to be deep,

  • in case the United States back then attacked with nuclear weapons.

  • Now the shelter is in use again and under attack by Russia.

  • Alina who used to sell cakes she bakes at home is down on the subway platform with her daughter Anna.

  • She said she heard the explosion hit the station and all the glass falling.

  • "Before we used to think how good it was to sleep in our beds," she says.

  • "Now we just thank God to wake up in a subway car."

  • Tanya says she is always sick. She's been down here for over a week.

  • Russia's attacks now hardly seem targeted at all.

  • Just lethal harassing strikes on civilians.

  • In part because the Russians aren't getting any closer.

  • Ukranian resistance has slowed down Russia's advance to a near halt.

  • The killer convoy outside of Kyiv is stuck dead by the road. No Fuel.

  • A senior U.S. military official tells NBC News Russia's advance is disorganized,

  • poorly coordinated and that weapons systems are failing because of operator error.

  • Ukraine's president Zelensky speaking in Russian,

  • called on Russian troops to surrender

  • and for the Russian people to rise up before their country becomes as closed and repressive as North Korea.

  • But beware of the Russian army on its back foot,

  • while troops aren't advancing quickly or at all.

  • Russia is relying on long range artillery, rockets and missiles to rain fire on Chernihiv and Kharkiv and Kyiv.

  • And because the incoming fire is seeming to fall at random now in the center of Kyiv,

  • The mayor of this city, starting tonight, is implementing a 36 hour blanket curfew advising people not to leave their houses at all.

Yesterday we were in front of an apartment building that Russia attacked on the outskirt of Kyiv.

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