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  • [Bell ringing]

  • MR. KIESLOWSKI Alright, guys... The quadratic formula!

  • [Students sigh]

  • MR. KIESLOWSKI Let the fun begin!

  • [Dramatic strings]

  • MEI [Gasp]

  • No! No! No! This isn't happening!


  • MING Excuse me, my child goes to this school.

  • [Unintelligible arguing] [Heartbeat pounding]


  • STUDENT What is that?

  • STUDENT Oh, snap!

  • MR. KIESLOWSKI Alright, settle down, little goblins.

  • Whoa...

  • MEI No! Please! No!

  • MING Mei Mei, tell him it's me!

  • ♫ ["Larger than Life" by Backstreet Boys] ♫

  • Tell him it's Mommy!

  • MEI [Yelling]

  • PANDA MEI [Roaring]

  • ♪♪

  • All you people Can't you see, can't you see

  • PANDA MEI [Crying]

  • How your love's affecting our reality

  • PANDA MEI Don't look down! Don't look down!

  • Every time we're down... ♪

  • PANDA MEI Gotta get home! Gotta hide!

  • MING Mei Mei!

  • And that makes you larger... ♪

  • And that makes you Larger than life

  • PANDA MEI [Exhales]

  • I'm calm... [Exhales]

  • Zen... [Exhales]

  • [Poof]

  • MEI Yes!

  • [Poof]

  • PANDA MEI! No!

  • That makes you Larger than life

[Bell ringing]

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