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  • Now, l need everybody to take your cell phones and your keys

  • out of your pockets and handbags and hold them in the air.

  • What's your name? Peter.

  • Peter what? Peter Hammond.

  • Where's your cell phone, Peter Hammond? l left it at home.

  • Peter, think very carefully about how you answer the next question

  • because if you get it wrong, your headstone will read,

  • "Here lies Peter Hammond, hero,

  • "who valiantly attempted to prevent a brilliant bank robbery

  • "by trying to hide his cellular phone,

  • "but wound up getting shot in the fucking head."

  • Now, Peter Hammond,

  • where is your cell phone?

  • l'm telling you, l did. l left it at home.

  • Okay, l fucked up. l'm sorry. Please.

  • Hey. Don't worry about it.

  • Just let me talk to you! Please, please, listen to me.

  • Let me explain.

  • Help! Help me.

  • Stop!

  • Stop!

  • Anyone else here smarter than me?

  • And you are? Vikram Walia.

  • Vikram Walia. Thanks, Vikram.

  • BRlAN: Hey, mister.

  • Keep it.

  • Men here. Women here.

  • Move!

Now, l need everybody to take your cell phones and your keys

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Inside Man (3/11) Movie CLIP - Anyone Else Here Smarter Than Me? (2006) HD

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