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  • What if I told you that swamps and bogs are

  • some of the deadest ecosystems around

  • and I mean that quite literally.

  • Called peatlands,

  • these wetland environments are famously good

  • at hiding dead people.

  • Because of their lack of oxygen and highly acidic conditions,

  • organic matter like plants and people

  • don't have a way to decompose like they normally would.

  • This means that human remains can persist for years,

  • sometimes, millennia in peatlands perfectly preserved.

  • These bog bodies look like mummies and can provide archaeologists with clues as to how

  • people lived in the past.

  • Some bodies are so well intact, that they can have their fingerprints taken.

  • Pretty creepy right?

  • If you want to learn more about peat bogs, be sure to check out our Elements episode

  • on that very topic.

What if I told you that swamps and bogs are

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