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Wikileaks release the first video of Edward Snowden since Russia granted his asylum. The
former US spy agency contractor is seen collecting the Sam Adams Award - a prize given to intelligence
professionals deemed to have taken a stand for integrity.
People all over the world are realising that these programmes don't make us more safe.
They hurt our economy. They hurt our country. They limit our ability to speak and think
and live and be creative, have relationships to associate freely. And they're going this
doesn't make us more safe, it makes us less safe. It puts us a risk of coming into conflict
with our own government, and there's a far cry between legal programmes, legitimate spying,
legitimate law enforcement, where it's targeted, it's based on reasonable suspicion, individualised
suspicion and warranted action. This sort of dragnet mass surveillance puts entire populations
under sort of an eye that sees everything, even when it's not needed.
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New Edward Snowden video: WikiLeaks release rare footage of Snowden in Russia collecting award

1295 Folder Collection
姚易辰 published on August 28, 2014
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