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  • A super villain's lair is a reflection of who they really are.

  • So, who is Harley Quinn?

  • That's a hard question to ans--

  • Harls, you got us uniforms!

  • [excitedly] Ooh, Suicide Squad! Is that our name?

  • Ugh, it's a group that keeps trying to get me to join.

  • I don't want to run lines with you.

  • Good! Because I despise that phrase.

  • People run marathons, not lines.

  • Actors exchange true--

  • Look what Harley got us.

  • -[Dr. Psycho] Ah! Ah! Come on! -[sighs]

  • Ivy, you're evicted! You and the circus act here

  • need to move out faster than sauerkraut through my lower intestine.

  • [irritated] Yes, Sy! We're leaving in a minute.

  • Good. I'm showing the place to--

  • [yelling] That just cost you your security deposit!

  • You know what, why don't I come back another time?

  • No, sorry, sorry, don't go. Don't go.

  • Look, [sighs] it's just Joker made the big decisions.

  • Okay. How about we ask you

  • some questions and maybe that'll help?

  • Worth a shot. Why did you first become a villain?

  • Well, you know, it's because--

  • There you go. You know this answer.

  • -Uh, well... -You know this.

  • [sighs] I guess...

  • -I don't know. -Oh, my God.

  • What villain do you most admire?

  • -[irritated] I don't know! -Harley!

  • -Chocolate or vanilla! -I don't know!

  • Harley! I can't help you, until you tell me

  • who you are!

  • -I don't know! I don't know! I don't know! [screams] -[bone crunches]

  • Oh, shit. Harley?

  • -Honey, can you hear me? -[Mr. Psycho grunts]

  • "Dry clean only." Fuck this.

  • Okay, who broke Harley?

A super villain's lair is a reflection of who they really are.

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