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  • Hi everyone it's Jennifer from Tarle speech  with your two for Tuesday. This is a homophone  

  • lesson - two words that are pronounced exactly  the same way. So again these words are pronounced  

  • the same way. They have different spellings  and different definitions for words today are  

  • trader, which is a person who buys and sells  goods; and then a traitor, a person who betrays.

  • So two syllables, two beats in these  words. We're going to start with that tray.  

  • This is a little bit tricky so let's break this  down a bit. You're going to start with that t  

  • sound and that is made by touching the tip  of your tongue to the back of your top front  

  • teeth. You are then going to move directly  to that r sound. You have options for this.  

  • You can either flip the tip of your tongue  back away from your teeth or point it down  

  • to the bottom of the mouth and the back of the  tongue is going to be pulled up. Have your lips  

  • ready as soon as you start this word  in a square tense shape for that r. tr

  • So what i'm doing here is my tongue is here, my  lips are ready for the er, and I move my tongue  

  • down to the bottom of my mouth and I pull  the back of my tongue up for that r. tr tr

  • You can do tr tr that's a little bit harder for  me, but I can do it if I think about it. And then  

  • we're going to end with that long a sound. To do  this your mouth opens wide, tip of the tongue is  

  • low, back is pulled up, and then your tongue moves  too high and flat and smiling lips. tray tray

  • Then we're going to end with that syllable derTo do that touch the tip of the tongue to the  

  • back of the top front teeth and then pull it  again down or flip it back for the er sound.  

  • This is actually the flap t and what that isis think of it as a super fast d sound. Okay  

  • so I'm going to teach it as the d sound. If  you say it slowly it's going to be fine but  

  • officially and technically, you want it to be  super fast you want it to be that flap sound.

  • So let's put all that together tray der tray der 

  • trader trader trader traitor traitor traitor

  • And now for a sentence

  • The trader was known astraitor amongst his co-workers.

  • So give it a try I know people are  going to notice the difference. If  

  • you found this helpful please give us  a like and share us with your friends.

  • Thanks everyone have a great week!

Hi everyone it's Jennifer from Tarle speech  with your two for Tuesday. This is a homophone  

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How to Pronounce TRAITOR & TRADER - American English Homophone Pronunciation Lesson

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    Summer posted on 2021/10/12
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