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  • Tetris is a classic game that doesn’t really need much of an introduction. It’s considered

  • one of the best video games of all time, and that is not disputable, and while it does

  • have an interesting origin story, complete withIn Soviet Russia, Tetris plays you

  • jokes, its recent installments haven’t had the same excitement. Now, that isn’t necessarily

  • a bad thing in itself. Game series like Pac-man and Frogger have lost a lot of their popularity

  • over the past ten years or so because the recent installments just haven’t been good

  • games, but that isn’t the case with Tetris. Instead, the formula is just so perfect, it’s

  • hard to find a reason to go get a new one. Even so, today we have a fantastic version

  • of the game. This is Tetris Evolution for the Xbox 360.

  • First off, let’s just take a look at that name, Evolution. Spoiler alert, this is not

  • some super sophisticated or upgraded version of Tetris. No, it’s not called revolution,

  • but this does not feel like an evolved version of Tetris, either. It’s complete with a

  • ton of different modes, you can play online or with some friends, but this is still really

  • just Tetris. The basic formula remains unchanged. But like I said before, there’s nothing

  • wrong with that. This is one of only a few game series where I can really say that. A

  • lot of Tetris games get released, so it might be better just to call them Tetris and whatever

  • year it is. Like sports games. It’d be a little more honest.

  • But anyway, that’s kind of beside the point. If you want a good game of Tetris, well, youve

  • definitely found it. Not only does Tetris Evolution offer a wide variety of modes like

  • Marathon, Score and Race, it features controls that feel like they were made for the 360,

  • and I never thought I’d say that. Back in the day, the original Game Boy version of

  • Tetris that was so popular had just the A and B buttons and the d-pad. Did anyone think

  • there needed to be more? No, but Tetris Evolution feels incredibly fluid with the 360’s analog

  • sticks, buttons and triggers. It’s extremely rare to accidentally place a piece where you

  • didn’t want to place it. The thing about Tetris Evolution, outside

  • of its name, that makes it so fun is that it doesn’t try to be anything other than

  • be a really good game of Tetris. Yes, you have the option to have modes that add in

  • different gameplay mechanics and have different goals, like taking out certain lines on the

  • board, but the game’s marathon mode is just like you remember Tetris, only more colorful.

  • Hours can go by playing Tetris without you even realizing it, and for me especially,

  • that’s rare. I’m one to look at the clock a lot, just to see how much time I’ve spent

  • playing, but Tetris Evolution had me under its addictive charm.

  • Now like I just said, this is really just a more colorful game as far as visuals are

  • concerned. It looks great on a big TV, and it’s easy to see which piece is coming next

  • by looking up top. The small visual effects the game uses are also great; very crisp,

  • but subtle. This is the way to make a classic game look new. Take notice.

  • While Tetris Evolution isn’t a “must buy”, since its best elements have been around for

  • decades, this is definitely a good choice for fans of the series. Just give yourself

  • a big chunk of time to play it; youll be in front of your TV for a while.

Tetris is a classic game that doesn’t really need much of an introduction. It’s considered

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