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The How I Met Your Mother big baby finale! I'm Kendra and let's check out the season
finale sneak peek photos right now on The Buzz.
In the May 14th 2-episode season finale titled, "The Magician's Code," it looks like a whole
lot of interesting things will be going down, so is your official spoiler alert! In CBS's
sneak peek photos for the finale, Lily goes into labor while hanging out with Ted and
Robin, then it's officially time for Lily to give birth with the encouragement of the
whole gang and Lily's dad. They also take Baby Eriksen out for the first trip to their
bar. We'll also follow Barney and Quinn's trouble at the airport and take a trip back
to Barney's future wedding. Could it be revealed that Quinn is Barney's bride? Sound off in
the comments and don't forget to track How I Met Your Mother on SideReel so you don't
miss an episode.
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How I Met Your Mother Season 7 Finale Sneak Peek Photos! 7x23 & 7x24 "The Magician's Code" on 5/14

2419 Folder Collection
老徐阿 published on August 26, 2014
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