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  • I would like to play a little game with you don't worry, no right or wrong answers

  • Yeah, right. Here we go. I'll ask a question

  • and you say which superhero you think it is. Go!

  • Who's the best looking Falcon

  • You can´t always say Falcon, by the way.

  • Best-looking? Black Widow.

  • Hemsworth. The best looking? Did I just say that way too quickly?

  • Chris Hemsworth!

  • You said Iron Man? Thats what came out first.

  • I´d say Black Widow. Whaaattt?

  • What I am even talking about?

  • Black Widow staring at me. With her hip jutted out.

  • It is weird that I said Hemsworth? Its on film now. It is out there.

  • Now everybody knows.

  • Who is the most sensible super-hero?

  • Captain America Yeah I guess

  • He's like: I'm not answering first

  • Who is the funniest? Funniest?

  • hmmm. Falcon.

  • Funniest? Personally, I think - Downey - yes Downey is hilarious

  • I think Renner is hysterical, but there is a certain kind on an

  • Renner is funny, but he is darker

  • yes, it's a much darker more disturbing kind of fun.

  • But is really funny, but Sam is funny, too.

  • We just got a bunch of comedians on the Avengers. Laugh riot!

  • Who has the best chance with the ladies?

  • Falcon. Falcon and Winter Soldier, of course.

  • Tony Stark.

  • Tony Stark. Alexander Pierce.

  • look at Nick Fury, Nick Fury is looking pretty good. Yes looklike he will snatch a chick up, fast,

  • Who would you like to have a beer with

  • just go out for that I'd talk about God and the world. Oh man. Scarlet

  • yeah I would take a beer with you actually

  • Incredible Hulk I was totally say that

  • A beer with. Probably The Hulk

  • Hulk. Why is that?

  • Any trouble jumped off,he can handle it

I would like to play a little game with you don't worry, no right or wrong answers

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