B2 High-Intermediate US 1873 Folder Collection
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I would like to play a little game with you don't worry, no right or wrong answers
Yeah, right. Here we go. I'll ask a question
and you say which superhero you think it is. Go!
Who's the best looking Falcon
You can´t always say Falcon, by the way.
Best-looking? Black Widow.
Hemsworth. The best looking? Did I just say that way too quickly?
Chris Hemsworth!
You said Iron Man? Thats what came out first.
I´d say Black Widow. Whaaattt?
What I am even talking about?
Black Widow staring at me. With her hip jutted out.
It is weird that I said Hemsworth? Its on film now. It is out there.
Now everybody knows.
Who is the most sensible super-hero?
Captain America Yeah I guess
He's like: I'm not answering first
Who is the funniest? Funniest?
hmmm. Falcon.
Funniest? Personally, I think - Downey - yes Downey is hilarious
I think Renner is hysterical, but there is a certain kind on an
Renner is funny, but he is darker
yes, it's a much darker more disturbing kind of fun.
But is really funny, but Sam is funny, too.
We just got a bunch of comedians on the Avengers. Laugh riot!
Who has the best chance with the ladies?
Falcon. Falcon and Winter Soldier, of course.
Tony Stark.
Tony Stark. Alexander Pierce.
look at Nick Fury, Nick Fury is looking pretty good. Yes looklike he will snatch a chick up, fast,
Who would you like to have a beer with
just go out for that I'd talk about God and the world. Oh man. Scarlet
yeah I would take a beer with you actually
Incredible Hulk I was totally say that
A beer with. Probably The Hulk
Hulk. Why is that?
Any trouble jumped off,he can handle it
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Captain America 2 Stars play the SUPERHERO GAME - Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans

1873 Folder Collection
zaphiel published on August 26, 2014
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