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  • Hi everybody.

  • I'm Esther.

  • And in this video we're going to talk about a slave word and that word is pissed Hors piste off.

  • Now before I start, I want to tell you that pissed can actually have several meanings.

  • But today we're going to focus on one meaning and the meaning that I want to focus on is angry.

  • Okay.

  • So pissed Hors piste off can mean very angry or maybe upset or annoyed.

  • Okay, so before I explain a little bit more, let's look at these example sentences.

  • The 1st 1 is I'm pissed.

  • This just means I'm angry, I'm upset.

  • So again I'm pissed.

  • The next sentence is very similar.

  • I'm piste off, I'm piste off.

  • Again.

  • These two sentences have the same meaning.

  • They both mean I'm very angry about something or I'm very angry at somebody.

  • Please also notice that we have to say piste in the past tense.

  • We have to say with the E.

  • D.

  • If you say I'm pissed without the E.

  • D.

  • It actually has a different meaning.

  • So again you must say I'm piste or I'm piste off to show that you're angry.

  • E.

  • K.

  • Here's the last sentence.

  • I get piste off when he lies to me.

  • That means I get angry when he lies to me.

  • Again.

  • I get piste off when he lies to me.

  • Let's make sure we also notice the pronunciation Piste off, pissed Piste off.

  • Piste.

  • And let's look at the example sentence one more time I get piste off when he lies to me and for all the women out there, you understand what I mean right?

  • When someone you care about or someone you love lies to you, you get angry or piste off.

  • Right?

  • So let's look at a few more example sentences together.

  • I was piste off when the other car cut in front of me.

  • I was piste off when the other car cut in front of me.

  • Don't get piste off.

  • It was a mistake.

  • Don't get piste off.

  • It was a mistake.

  • I'm piste off that.

  • He didn't pay me back yet.

  • I'm piste off that he didn't pay me back yet.

  • Okay, so we looked at a couple example sentences and we learned the word pissed or piste off.

  • So just remember it's a very common slaying.

  • If you use it in America or another english speaking country, everybody will know that that means you're angry or upset.

  • But remember, you should probably only use this with your friends because if you say this to somebody that you don't know.

  • Well, it can seem a little bit rude.

  • Okay, so please remember that when you're angry.

  • Try saying pissed hors piste off.

  • I'm pissed.

  • I'm piste off.

  • All right.

  • Well, I'll see you in the next video.

  • Bye.

Hi everybody.

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Pissed Off | Learn English Slang Meaning, Grammar and Usage in Example English Sentences

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    林宜悉 posted on 2021/12/02
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