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  • Hello.

  • My name is Maggie Holiday and welcome to my minimalistic home.

  • Come follow me.

  • Mhm.

  • Let me take you into the living room.

  • So my color palettes are kind of close to none.

  • It's a playoff on a lot of black grays and whites.

  • I'd like to keep my space very minimal and coming.

  • So that's what I aim for one decorating.

  • So here is one of my favorite chairs that was a goal of mine to own.

  • It's also a Rietveld chair for Cassina.

  • It's extremely comfortable in the lines and bones on it.

  • I think you're absolutely amazing.

  • Very minimal and like nothing at the same time, the rug in the living room is by nordic knots and it's just a very simple gray rug that I think ties the space together really nicely behind the rug.

  • I have my absolute dream favorite chairs by jean Michel frank.

  • These are from 1939 believed, but nobody's really sure.

  • But they're extremely comfortable in the bone and shape on them or it's absolutely stunning and it's a chair I want to keep forever.

  • And yeah, so I designed my apartment a little bit around these chairs as this was the first item I ever brought in.

  • So this coffee table, which is actually a bench was a facebook marketplace.

  • Fine when I was just moved in and I needed a table urgently, but I kind of fell in love with it.

  • Cloud home is a vintage reseller and also a seller of contemporary artists that I work and represent.

  • I carry a lot of pieces by the artist and I'm lucky to store a lot of pieces by them.

  • To one of my favorite ones is this pedal vase by Evan Marie Pappas and Garry oak slander.

  • Her and her husband are an amazing team that work together.

  • That was actually the first piece from Claude home that I personally purchased.

  • These sculptures are from artists Chandler mcclelland.

  • They're all walnut wood and hand carved and they're absolutely stunning.

  • This one has a marble base detail that I'm obsessed with.

  • This sofa is just a very simple linen sofa.

  • It's actually clawed homes.

  • First prototype and design the sofa comfortably sits three people but I've had up to six people in here have a really big projector and we displayed on the wall and have amazing movie nights.

  • So I love this couch.

  • These windows are what really drew me into moving into this home there in the living room, dining room in the bedroom, they bring an amazing light and feel to the home that I'm absolutely obsessed with.

  • This is a custom credenza that I designed and it's really amazing because it has storage on the bottom and all these fun shelves on top that I'm constantly switching out and this is my lovely nonworking fireplace.

  • So I like to keep flowers in it and it's also where my puppy sleeps every night.

  • This mirror is sourced by an artist named Jordan Mcdonald.

  • He has an amazing supremacists and I absolutely fell in love with this piece when I saw it on my instagram shopping page and this chair is a rightful D chair or Cassina.

  • This I sourced in Germany, I've been in love with these chairs forever and my goal is to accumulate enough for a dining room set.

  • So this is my dining room.

  • This is a great table because it fits many people.

  • I have it paired with these danish pine dining chairs, but the designer is unknown, but I think they're really great and lovely and simple.

  • I like to keep some objects on top of the uniting table at all times.

  • So I have my favorite bowl that I designed that Claude home, just a beautiful marble bowl also works as like a fruit bowl and then a book, some flowers and my favorite by radio candle.

  • I've always been pretty minimal when it comes to furniture and dressing.

  • I just find it easy.

  • It's not really think about as much what you're putting into your space or put it onto your body.

  • So growing up, I've always dressed the exact same and now let's go into the bedroom.

  • Mhm.

  • I wanted my bedroom to feel kind of like I was on vacation and in a really open area space.

  • So I played a lot off of these windows as it's like the main centerpiece of the room and I don't think you need to add much more from there.

  • Here is my favorite day bed from Mies van der Rohe, I've always wanted to have one and finally moving to L.

  • A.

  • Had space for it.

  • So this space I really like having in the room because a lounge chair was a little too small for me.

  • But I like having a place a second place to lie down, nap, read books or also this is like sometimes my working corner during the day when the light hits it perfectly, it just feels like you're transported to another world and it's a really lovely moment over here is another sculpture by artist Chandler McClellan.

  • I have a few of his pieces in my living room too, a travertine pedestal and then topped with a base by Willem van Hoof.

  • So this is like a really great little corner right here that I love and it feels like a very much like an art scene by the corner of my bed.

  • I have this yugoslavian birthing stool that I found on Ebay and it's very random but I think it's a really fun touch to the room.

  • This art piece is also another random Ebay fine, it's written with a ceramic tile in the middle and just adds a fun texture to the room.

  • So I introduced a lot of customers to the minimalistic lifestyle by majority of the pieces.

  • I have a very minimal and with minimal, not everything needs to be neutral colors.

  • I'd like to add pops of colors with like books or small accessories into the space.

  • Thank you for stopping by.

  • And if you want to shop any of these pieces, make sure to stop at cloud home dot com.

  • Mhm.

  • Yeah.

  • Mhm.

  • Mhm.

  • Mhm.


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