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  • Have you ever been sipping a hot chocolate by the Christmas tree and wondered to yourself, "Why do people hang stockings for Santa on Christmas?"

  • Let's find out on today's episode of...

  • Colossal Questions!

  • It's hard to picture Christmas morning without stockings hanging somewhere.

  • But if you actually think about it for one second, it's a pretty weird tradition.

  • Asking Santa Claus to fill a big stinky sock with toys and treats is definitely strange.

  • And even stranger? No one really knows how it started.

  • There is one popular story that's probably a bit more fiction than fact, but it gives the Christmas stocking quite the fantastical origin.

  • According to the tale, there was a father with three daughters who is having trouble making ends meet.

  • He worked hard day in and day out, but as winter approached, he worried he just couldn't do enough for them.

  • Come Christmas time, good old Saint Nicholas happened to be in town, heard all about the family, and decided to secretly help.

  • At night, he visited the house and found socks hanging by the fireplace to dry.

  • Being the generous gift-giver that he is, Saint Nick dug deep into his pockets and pulled out some coins, filling the socks.

  • But that's just one version of the story, and, like we said, as nice as it is, it's probably not true.

  • But, however this strange stocking tradition got started, it clearly caught on.

  • Kids were hanging a big sock by the fireplace all across Europe, hoping for a gift from Saint Nicholas.

  • The tradition did morph and change over time in different areas.

  • Some places leave out shoes instead of stockings on Saint Nicholas Day, December 6th, instead of Christmas Eve.

  • The shoes are left out with a bit of hay for Saint Nick's donkey, and by morning, they're filled with treats and toys.

  • Whether it's hay in your shoes or milk and cookies with a stocking, it all seems to be a variation on the same tradition.

  • By the early 1800s, the custom of hanging a stocking for Christmas had made it to the United States.

  • And people were already ditching their old dirty socks in favor of fancy stockings designed specifically for the season.

  • By the turn of the century, the plump, oversized stockings covered in Christmas designs that we know and love today was firmly in style.

  • Not only do big, specialized holiday stockings have way more space for stuffing, but they look much nicer hanging by the chimney with care.

  • So, this year, remember, it might seem weird to hang stockings, but at least we've come a long way from getting gifts and our dirty laundry.

Have you ever been sipping a hot chocolate by the Christmas tree and wondered to yourself, "Why do people hang stockings for Santa on Christmas?"

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Why Do We Hang Stockings At Christmas? | COLOSSAL QUESTIONS

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