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  • Hi everyone Jennifer from Tarle  speech with your two for Tuesday.

  • These words are pronounced exactly the same way  

  • they just have a different  meaning and a different spelling.  

  • Our words are sword which is a bladed weapon  and sword to rapidly go above the current level.

  • This question comes from a recent  lesson that I just did on the word  

  • sword and you can see that it's a  quick short I'll put the link below.

  • So to say these words correctly we have four  sounds we're going to start with that s sound:  

  • tip of the tongue is behind the top  front teeth or slightly pointed down  

  • air is going to move out of the mouth.

  • Next we're going to pucker or and  then pull those lips back for that er,  

  • or, the tip of the tongue is  either pointed down or flipped  

  • back and the back of the tongue is  pulled high up for this or vowel.

  • Next end with the d by touching the tip of  the tongue to the back of the top front teeth.  

  • Air puffs out and you are going to have  your voice box on and moving for that d.

  • Let's put it all together sword soared 

  • sword soared sword soared

  • Now for a sentence

  • The superhero soared over the  city carrying his magic sword.

  • Give it a try I know people are  going to notice the difference.  

  • Please give us a like and share us  with your friends. If you need more  

  • help you can check out all of our class  options and our products at Tarle speech.

  • Thanks everyone!

Hi everyone Jennifer from Tarle  speech with your two for Tuesday.

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How to Pronounce SOARED & SWORD - American English Homophone Pronunciation Lesson

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    Summer posted on 2021/11/09
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