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  • Hi, everybody. I'm Esther.

  • In this video, I'm going to talk about two similar sounding and confusing English words

  • 'affect' and 'effect'.

  • We will work on pronunciation and usage to help you master these words.

  • Let's get started.

  • Let's start with 'affect'.

  • Listen carefully to how I say it.

  • 'affect'

  • 'affect'

  • It's usually a verb.

  • It means to influence or change.

  • A quick way to remember 'affect' as a verb

  • is to remember 'a' is for action.

  • Verbs are actions.

  • Let's look at some examples.

  • The first sentence says,

  • 'Junk food affects your health.'

  • We all know that junk food can change our health.

  • It can make it bad or worse.

  • The next sentence says,

  • 'New technologies continue to affect how we live.'

  • This is something we also know.

  • New technologies change the way we live.

  • They make things easier. They make things faster.

  • They affect the way we live.

  • Now, I will talk about 'effect'.

  • Listen carefully to how I say this one,

  • 'effect'

  • 'effect'

  • 'effect'

  • It's usually a noun.

  • It means a result.

  • Let's look at some example sentences.

  • The first sentence says,

  • 'Pollution has a negative effect on the environment.'

  • We all know that pollution causes negative results in the environment.

  • You'll notice that in this sentence we used 'effect' as a noun

  • – 'a negative effect'.

  • The next sentence says,

  • 'Spicy food has a bad effect on my stomach.'

  • For some people spicy food causes some bad results in the body.

  • So again, we use 'effect' like result - a noun.

  • Now, let's do a checkup.

  • In the sentence below we need to use 'effect' and 'affect'.

  • Take a moment to think about where we use these words.

  • The sentence says,

  • 'The _blank_ of the war will _blank_ the economy.'

  • Take a look at the first 'blank'.

  • The _blank_

  • Remember, if there's a 'the',

  • we usually need a noun

  • so we use 'effect'.

  • 'The effect of the war…'

  • that means the results of the war

  • '…will _blank_ the economy.'

  • Here we have 'will' and so we need a verb.

  • That's 'affect'.

  • 'The effect of the war will affect the economy.'

  • Now you know the difference between 'affect' and 'effect'.

  • Be sure to practice these two words.

  • Thank you guys for watching and I'll see you in the next video.

Hi, everybody. I'm Esther.

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AFFECT VS EFFECT Meaning, Pronunciation, and Difference | Learn with Example English Sentences

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    Summer posted on 2021/11/07
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