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  • When I think of beauty

  • instantly, nature.

  • I mean the majesty of nature.

  • The beauty of

  • plants and flowers and the natural world.

  • I just am utterly fascinated and delighted with.

  • I grew up in Zimbawe, so I'm African by birth.

  • Flowers really captured my imagination

  • from a very young age. I was just kind of enraptured

  • by them. At senior school we

  • spent 5 days up in the mountains.

  • This place called Ringwood. Bernie the guy who ran it

  • noticed and acknowledged my love of

  • nature. My love of plants and flowers

  • wasn't really something that had a currency at school.

  • What I loved was ridiculed rather than appreciated.

  • To have my love of plants and flowers affirmed

  • and affirmed in front of my peers,

  • was I think quite a turning point for me.

  • A friend of mine gave me a book

  • called one sketch a day

  • and the provisor is as you can imagine is

  • drawing one little sketch a day.

  • And so I started doing that

  • and you know very quick sketches

  • and out of that I started, unsurprisingly, drawing flowers.

  • One day I drew

  • a flower that was a little ginger lily

  • a Hedychium coronarium

  • and then I sort of absent-mindedly took it apart

  • and then laid out some of its parts

  • and then I sketched those.

  • I kind of liked what I saw there

  • and slowly this developed into me photographing

  • deconstructed flowers and plants.

  • I'm very interested in botany academically

  • but when I come to photographing something

  • I don't photograph it in an academic style.

  • I only include in my compositions what

  • I find very beautiful.

  • And that is not to say that the individual piece

  • is not beautiful

  • it's just how it looks in my composition.

  • I had no idea that it would become a book.

  • A book was always something I wanted to do.

  • And expect that it would probably be a floristry book

  • But this book couldn't be more me.

  • I've always seen the beauty in flowers.

  • It gives me so much joy to share

  • in the delight of that beauty with others.

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When I think of beauty

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Fall in love with the beauty of nature with Robbie #370

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