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  • Hello everyone it's Jennifer with  your two for Tuesday homophone lesson.  

  • These words are pronounced exactly the same way.

  • We have the word lesson which is a period of teaching 

  • and lesson meaning to diminish

  • So to say these words correctly  we have two beats: le sun lesson

  • Now I do have written here i'm going to teach this  as sun. I think it's easy to remember because we  

  • see the sun in the sky; however, you can pronounce  it as sin or sen. The key is for that second  

  • syllable is, the second syllable is unstressed  so that vowel must be very short and unstressed.

  • All right so let's start with the le syllable. To  do this touch the tip of your tongue to the back  

  • of your top front teeth and then you're going to  pull it down. Mouth is going to continue to stay  

  • open and then you're going to see the tip of your  tongue between your top and your bottom teeth.

  • Next you're going to move to the sun  and to do this tip of the tongue is  

  • either pointed down or just behind the  top front teeth air continues to move  

  • out of your mouth. Add the short  uh just a super relaxed mouth.  

  • And then end with the n by touching the tip of  the tongue to the back of the top front teeth.

  • Let's put that together:

  • lesson lessen lesson  

  • lessen lesson lessen

  • And now for a sentence:

  • She drank extra coffee to lessen  her fatigue during the long lesson.

  • Give it a try I know people are going  to notice the difference. If you found  

  • this helpful please share this with  your friends and give us a like.  

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  • Thanks everyone have a great week!

Hello everyone it's Jennifer with  your two for Tuesday homophone lesson.  

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