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Unit 56 The Phantom
This is my husband's study.
Ooh! What a lot of silver!
Don't worry. You don't have to polish that every day.Once a week is quite sufficient.
And ... what about all those glasses in the cabinet?
They are antique crystal and they're very valuable.
You mustn't touch them.
So I clean everything except the glasses.
That's right. But you don't need to tidy the desk.
My husband gets very upset if anybody touches his papers.
Very well, madam. Anything else?
Oh, yes. You can't come in here when my husband is not around.
Nobody can enter his room without him being here.
My husband will be watching your work.
When can I start?
You can start right now.
But he's not here now.
Oh yes, he is. Only you can't see him.
His spirit is here and he's happy that you will look after his study
He adores his study, and I can see that he likes you.
Oh, does he? How do you know?
He's a ghost, you see?
After a while you'll be able to feel his spirit.
Do you believe in ghosts?
I yeah ... yes, of course.
He died ten years ago but he always wants me to take care of his study.
He used to spend hours and hours here when he was alive.
Oh ... well. Anyway, madam, the work seems very interesting ...
but I'll start tomorrow.
Goodbye, madam, see you tomorrow.
Very interesting. Goodbye. Say goodbye to your husband for me.
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6514 Folder Collection
田兒 published on August 21, 2014    田兒 translated    Daniel Chin reviewed
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