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No other drug has been so infused in American culture as Marijuana. Perhaps because—like
alcohol—it's experienced extreme ends of social acceptance and rejection.
Early on, marijuana use was portrayed with highly exaggerated effects. Propaganda films
like Reefer Madness helped to spread claims that use of "demon weed" led to promiscuity,
rape, and homicide.
But today with a greater understanding of the drug and its effects, public perception
has completely changed to the point that 41% of Americans have tried the drug and some
states have actually legalized it.
So does this mean that marijuana is harmless?
Not necessarily. Approximately 10% of people who use another legal substance—alcohol—become addicted.
And while, like alcohol, you might enjoy marijuana without adverse effects, your chances of becoming
addicted to it are just as high as your chances of becoming addicted to alcohol. When you smoke marijuana, THC, the active ingredient in marijuana enters the lungs and travel through the bloodstream to the brain.
Once there, THC disrupts your chemical balance, causing dopamine, the natural chemical in your body that produces feelings as satisfaction and wellbeing, to flow freely.
Although researchers are still exploring the long-term consequences of marijuana use, some
studies show that heavy use can cause cognitive decline and addiction—especially among adolescents.
At first, marijuana use may not seem to be dangerous, yet those nightly smoking sessions
may overshadow school or work performance, life goals, and even family relationships.
This is addiction.
Marijuana addiction does not disappear on its own. If you or a loved one is struggling
with Marijuana use, seek help today.
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What is Cannabis? Marijuana Facts and Effects

4185 Folder Collection
Ashley Chen published on August 20, 2014    Asta Lee translated    林曉玉 reviewed
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