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  • - Hi. - Oh, my God!

  • - Rachel! - Hi, hey!

  • Rach, Rach, I am so sorry. I am so, so sorry.

  • Oh, Ross, come on, you just did what you had to do.

  • Hey, Pheebs!

  • Whathat's it? You're not mad?

  • I mean, it must've been terrible.

  • Terrible? Hell, I was in Greece!

  • There was a nice hotel, nice beach, met the nice people.

  • It's not too shabby for Rachel.

  • So... what? That's it?

  • Well, yeah.

  • We're cool. Totally cool.

  • Thanks, Rach.

  • - Aww... - Oh, you're the best.

  • Oh, no, you're the best.

  • Oh, I gotta go to the flower store.

  • Check it out, no one will tell me where Emily is.

  • So I'm gonna send 72 long-stemmed red roses to her parents' house.

  • One for each day that I've known and loved her.

  • That ought to get her talking to me again.

  • Oh, Ross, when you make out the card, be sure to make it out to Emily.

  • Rach, that's great! Thit's so good that you had such a good time in Greece.

  • What?

  • I didn't have a good time in Greece.

  • Ross abandoned me, okay?

  • I couldn't get a plane out, so I had to stay in their honeymoon suite, with people coming up to me all the time going, "Oh, Mrs. Geller, why you cry?"

  • I mean, it was so humiliating.

  • I felt like such an idiot!

  • I mean, it's all my fault.

  • And you know why?

  • Because I make very bad decisions.

  • Oh, that's not true.

  • Yes, it is. It is true. I we⏤I went after Ross in stupid London.

  • London is stupid. Stupid.

  • Phoebe, you were right, I should've never gone to London, and from now on, you... make all of my decisions for me.

  • Oh, no, I did that for someone once.

  • I'm... I'm not comfortable having that kind of power and control over someone's life.

  • I'll do it!

  • That's fine. So Monica, you are now in charge of my love life.

  • Okay, I gotta go to work.

  • And, uh, Rachel, great to have you back.

  • Pheebs!

  • Always a pleasure.

- Hi. - Oh, my God!

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Friends: Chandler Kisses All the Girls Goodbye (Season 5 Clip) | TBS

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