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  • Ah, there you are! Today I'm makingsimple pudding for the servants' hall.  

  • I call it Eve's Pudding but it  goes by many different names.  

  • Whatever its name, it is deliciousFor this recipe, you will need...

  • Mr Vert's chosen me some  lovely looking apples today.  

  • It can be a constant battle between cook and  gardener because they like to produce for size  

  • rather than flavour and the best things often  end up in the shows. The last Head Gardener  

  • was sacked I think partly because the best things  ended up in shows. Mr Vert is far more attentive.  

  • My advice to any aspiring cook is to be firm  but friendly to get the gardener on your side.

  • Any apple will work for this recipe so long  as it's good for eating and not just cooking.

  • I like a nice well rounded flavour  and these are Ripston Pippins.

  • This recipe also includes raisins. If your  raisins are very large then you will need to  

  • chop them as well. We buy the raisins already  prepared, de-stoned and picked (de-stalked),  

  • but that does mean that they are more  expensive. When I first started as  

  • a maid in my brother's house preparing  the dried fruit was one of my main jobs.

  • I'm now going to beat my eggs  

  • and then put in all the ingredients.

  • The raisins.

  • And the breadcrumbs.

  • And I'm going to add the milk  just to loosen the mixture.

  • You probably won't use all of the milk  so just put in a little at a time.

  • Now I wouldn't normally add brandy to  a servants' dish but as I'm making this  

  • for the upper servants' table and this  evening that includes myself, Mr Lincoln,  

  • Mrs Warwick and Miss Justice, Lady Braybrooke's  maid, I think I can afford to add just a little.

  • When I worked under Mr Fraddon in Lord Townsend's  kitchen we used to make a similar dish to this  

  • called Duke of Cumberland's pudding. It was  richer, it had suet and spices. Mary-Ann  

  • tells me that in Yorkshire Eve's Pudding's  a smaller steamed sponge but with no apple.  

  • And Sylvia thought I was making  something called Mother Eve's Pudding.  

  • It's interesting that there are so many  similar dishes with different names.

  • As this is for the servants, I'm just  going to put it into a plain pudding basin.

  • And now that I've greased it  I shall put in my mixture.

  • My cloth is already damp and has been floured  

  • so I shall lay it on with a fold so the  pudding can expand and tie it tightly.

  • This needs three hours to boil so  Mary-Ann will need to keep an eye on it.  

  • It mustn't boil dry or the basin will crack.

  • This has been bubbling away while I've  been getting on with other things.  

  • I'm now going to take it out.

  • And remove the cloth.

  • And now turn it out.

  • If this was for the family I would serve it  with a wine sauce, but as it's for the servants  

  • I think custard. There you are. A perfect  dish for a servants' supper. Eve's Pudding.

Ah, there you are! Today I'm makingsimple pudding for the servants' hall.  

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How to Make Eve's Pudding – The Victorian Way

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    Summer posted on 2021/10/21
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