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  • Give each country a blank canvas with no rules, and you can expect the results to be... unique.

  • But strangely, national flags are pretty similar.

  • 44 have three horizontal stripes, 10 have one five pointed star on the left side, and only 11 flags aren't red or blue.

  • And sure, maybe these are just popular colors, but then where is the much-loved purple?

  • The necessary coloring wasn't always easy to come by.

  • But it's 2016, and this is still the most purple flag; you've got to be kidding me.

  • Of course there are a few oddball flags, but they're mostly different for the same reason: weird shapes.

  • So let's settle this: why are flags so similar?

  • The idea of a flag is to reflect its country; take the national history, identity, or even appearance.

  • Transfer it to a rectangle and, voila! A flag!

  • But this means that similar countries conveying similar things can have similar flags.

  • The Arab Revolt was a pretty big deal.

  • Its flag became the inspiration for much of the middle East.

  • Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Sudan, Syria, the UAE, Palestine, Yemen, Somaliland, and Libya share a history, and thus similar flags.

  • Cyprus, a master of copy-paste, has no overlap to worry about.

  • With no restraints, flags could easily all be unique.

  • But countries often follow rules of design, and with everyone, the pool of possible flags shrinks.

  • Simplicity is a common recommendation, which makes for a pretty flag, but not always a distinct one.

  • Monaco, Indonesia, and Poland accidentally sacrificed originality for elegance.

  • Other countries take inspiration from their neighbors. The story of the Nordic Cross goes something like this:

  • Denmark found this design and announced "Hey look! We have a new flag!"

  • To which Sweden replied: "How odd! We also have a new flag..."

  • Finland, Norway, and Iceland, not wanting to feel left out, all nodded along.

  • And, Greenland pretended not to hear.

  • But perhaps, all this isn't so bad.

  • If the rectangles which represent us are so similar, maybe we're all more alike than it seems.

  • Or, perhaps, we're just not very creative for the flags.

  • Can someone create a purple flag? Just one, please? Just need one...

Give each country a blank canvas with no rules, and you can expect the results to be... unique.

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