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  • This is how to cure your procrastination habit.

  • First, break down your task into smaller bite sized pieces. Smaller tasks are less daunting,

  • easier to plan for within a busy schedule, and you can overcome the activation energy

  • of getting started. And we all know getting started is the hardest part.

  • Second, set the bar low. Set the goal to something that is easily attainable, which helps build

  • positive momentum and a habit. When it becomes an automatic habit, procrastination is no

  • longer a problem.

  • Third, hack pleasure from the experience. If you're studying, give yourself a small

  • reward upon task completion, or listen to instrumental music while working. Check out

  • my favorites on my Spotify Study Playlist.

  • Fourth, use Parkinson's law to your advantage, which states that work expands to fill the

  • time allotted to it. Use time constraints to increase efficiency. Allot too much time

  • and you'll be wastefulallot too little time and you'll find yourself stressed and

  • not any more productive. Finding the sweet spot is where the magic happens.

  • And fifth, be deliberate with your study environment. The biggest obstacles in you procrastinating

  • are your distractions. Willpower isn't the answerenvironmental optimization is.

This is how to cure your procrastination habit.

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