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  • Hey guys, I'm Cindy Mclaughlin and this is my nighttime routine.

  • I would still say I'm going through quote unquote puberty.

  • Like I still have a lot of acne, my skin is constantly changing depending on the weather, depending on hydration, depending on My routine and the products.

  • So I'm still always getting a different hold of it every single day.

  • So if I'm being honest, my products tend to fluctuate in some areas, but there are some things that always remain the same.

  • I'll be using about 5-6 products um starting with, okay, that's how the Youtubers do it.

  • My Neutrogena makeup wipes.

  • These are the night coming in the purple pac.

  • I also have the blue pack.

  • I normally do blue pack, but after after a night I'm wearing makeup, I'm just like, dude, let's calm the face down in my right, we're just gonna do it, you know, playing like we're in it now.

  • Yeah.

  • Oh, oh chow.

  • I feel like a lot of times when I have oil or makeup or dirt, whatever it is that is on my face.

  • I don't want to really have dirt on my face.

  • So please don't think that's like comment for me.

  • I wouldn't say that I have a lot of acne.

  • The issue is that for some reason my pores just don't let the oil escape and it gets kind of stuck under the skin.

  • So it's not so much that it's like pimples or zits.

  • They're really just like bumps and I have to do a lot of extractions or go somewhere to get extractions done because I feel like the oil is having a problem rising all the way to the surface.

  • So with that being said, I've learned a couple of things or products that I feel like work for me.

  • So you guys are actually gonna get to see like some of my stuff that I really have going on because you know, I don't have perfect skin.

  • That's right.

  • That's what these videos are for.

  • Am I right?

  • So sometimes I take clinics, take the day off.

  • I'm gonna take my engagement ring off, I don't think messing it up what I do this stuff.

  • Okay, robert.

  • Yeah, on my face.

  • Mhm.

  • And then I take the Neutrogena way and from there, I just kind of wipe everything off.

  • It does a great job, kind of just loosening any makeup that might be stuck on your facing, really getting things to start moving so that this can honestly just come by and really sweep it up.

  • Mascara is the hardest part of this process you want to be thorough.

  • The more makeup you take off than the less work I would say your cleanser has to do.

  • Sometimes if I'm feeling really, really lazy after a night of wearing makeup, I'll just clean my face with the makeup boy and go to sleep and sometimes it works out phenomenally and I wake up with no break out.

  • Other times, you can kind of just tell that your face needs a little bit more than just a wipe 3rd step.

  • I now cleanse my face.

  • I'm going to be using when age deep multi cleanser.

  • This is literally my favorite cleanser in the entire world.

  • I've been using this for two years.

  • A lot of cleansers that I've used in the past.

  • I felt like never truly clean my skin and this is the first cleanser that I've ever used that I genuinely felt my face was clean after using it, which we love.

  • So, so I'm going to use with this, my four yo mini can hear it turned on and it vibrates and also exfoliate my skin.

  • Really good.

  • God at Sephora, don't remember how much it was love this thing.

  • It really exfoliates for you.

  • So yeah, we're gonna take a town, get some super hot water.

  • Okay wait mothers, I would say if there is one product like I really could not go without, if the rest of them I had no access to, it would truly be cleanser.

  • I would definitely say that's what I spend most of my money on two.

  • For sure.

  • At least when I go to Sephora, this is one of my favorite skincare trends that is really not that complicated or that expensive but truly is like fantastic to me.

  • Um, whenever I start breaking out, which I currently am one of the best ways that I stop acne is, Yeah, tea tree oil.

  • This is from whole foods literally, I don't know how much it costs But I just safety tree oil.

  • I put it on a compound after I've cleansed and I just wipe the surface of my face before bed, tea tree oil kills the bacteria that often causes agony.

  • And I noticed a significant difference after putting this on and then letting it work and do its thing before I wake up the next morning.

  • For sure if I don't use t shirt.

  • So if I don't have it for whatever reason and I'm still having acne issues Clara saw rapid acne pads.

  • These, you can literally get these at Cbs.

  • Um, they work really well.

  • Honestly a reduce visible acne within four hours.

  • So another go to of mine and lastly we're going to just finish off with a sleeping mask.

  • This is also from one in asia stare.

  • Sick of sleeping mask.

  • And honestly I use this as much as moisturizer in the morning to even though it's, it's made for a sleeping mask.

  • My my skin since election.

  • I've also used this for about a year now.

  • So a lot of these products, the teacher oils, new Clara cell is new, but everything else I've been using pretty consistently.

  • Um, so about a year and obviously if there's one thing that kind of changes for me, it's like moisturizer whether I go to like Sarah B or something like that.

  • That's, you know, no fragrances, nothing added to it and it's water based.

  • But other than that that's really, it's as fancy as I get, you know, amazing.

  • Thank you sighs.

  • What?

  • And that's it.

  • This is my nighttime routine.

  • Thank you guys so much for watching this video.

  • I really appreciate it, guys.

  • I hope you have a great night and stay boisterous kids.

  • Yeah, yeah.

Hey guys, I'm Cindy Mclaughlin and this is my nighttime routine.

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Sydney McLaughlin's Nighttime Skincare Routine | Go To Bed With Me | Harper's BAZAAR

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