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  • Hi there Jennifer from Tarle  speech with your two for Tuesday

  • Two words that are pronounced exactly the same way  with different spellings and different meanings.

  • So we have: parish a religious district  

  • typically in christianity and perish to ruin or die

  • So to say these words correctly two beats pair ish

  • Let's start with pair, syllable one, to say  this you're going to start with the p sound  

  • just let your lips press together  and then open and the air puffs out.

  • Move to the air vowel to do this you're  going to open your mouth in a wide  

  • circle tip of your tongue is really low back  of the tongue is pulled up. You are going to  

  • close your mouth to square tense lips. The tip of  your tongue can either stay in the same pot spot  

  • pointing down or it can flip back it's  up to you and personal preference.

  • air air

  • I personally keep the tip of my tongue in  the same spot for that whole air vowel.

  • pair

  • Then we're going to end with ish. To do  this your mouth is slightly open relaxed  

  • lips and your tongue is behind your top front  teeth. Then pucker your lips for the shh

  • ish ish ish

  • Let's put it all together

  • pair ish pair-ish perish parish 

  • perish parish perish perish

  • And now for a sentence

  • The parish priest will visit the congregation and  quickly deliver the food so it will not perish.

  • Give it a try people are going  to notice the difference!

  • If you found this helpful we'd love a like and  a share with your friends, if you need more help  

  • we've got products and classes and those  are all listed at Tarle speech dot com.

  • Thank you so much everyone have an amazing week!

Hi there Jennifer from Tarle  speech with your two for Tuesday

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How to Pronounce PARISH & PERISH - American English Homophone Pronunciation Lesson

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    Summer posted on 2021/10/19
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