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  • [TVCharacter] Doggone pesky mosquitoes. Now, let's see.

  • Oh, yeah. And the mirror said...

  • Shit! What's the matter?

  • We're bein' evicted. Goddamn it!

  • Come on, Mom. Not in front of Lily.

  • I can't let Greg find out about this.

  • Fuck Greg.

  • Okay. I'm three months late.

  • We got 30 days to come up with the money. What do you mean "we"?

  • If you're gonna live here, you got to start chippin' in, Rabbit.

  • When's Greg gettin' his settlement check? Get the money from him.

  • No, no, I can't.

  • He's gonna ask me and Lily to move away with him.

  • Someplace nice, real soon.

  • l- I can't freak him out. You got to stop livin' your life like this.

  • If you really cared about Lily, you would get a job and quit fuckin'around.

  • I got to go. Be late for work.

  • What are you doin' with your life that's so great, Rabbit?

  • Wink's workin' on a deal where I can get free studio time...

  • to record my demo.

  • Yeah. Right.

  • Bye, baby.

  • #Alex Latourno Hotter than an inferno #

  • Up! # Hotter than a crack house #

  • - Down! - # Burn internal #

  • Up! Down!

  • I don't know why Manny's got to give me so much shit all the time, man.

  • Maybe it's 'cause you keep giving him reason to.

  • Stick to the plan, man.

  • Just do your work and shut the fuck up.

  • Up!

  • Down!

[TVCharacter] Doggone pesky mosquitoes. Now, let's see.

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