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  • Here's how to become more  productive in 60 seconds.

  • Peak productivity is built upon a foundation of  intensity and focus. This is usually achieved by  

  • pushing hard for 5 or 6 days during the week and  having one or two days on the weekend to destress.

  • On peak days, start your day  off with productive momentum.  

  • Make your bed, don't lay in bed on your phone,  

  • and claim one small win. That can be studying  in the morning or working out, for example.

  • Most are mentally fresh in the first half of the  day, so push hard with your studying or work.  

  • Use the Pomodoro technique to improve  endurance. When you inevitably feel focus  

  • and intensity waning after a few hoursbe productive with your downtime.

  • That means doing errands, other necessary tasksor even exercising when you are mentally fried  

  • and unable to study hard. That way when  you come back to study in an hour or two,  

  • you're able to hit the books hard  again with intensity and focus.

  • Repeat this pattern for the remainder of the day,  

  • and you too can go from productivity  zero to productivity hero.

Here's how to become more  productive in 60 seconds.

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Become More PRODUCTIVE in 60 seconds #SHORTS

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