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  • Hi, I'm Anthony falco.

  • I'm an international pizza consultant and this is everything I eat today.

  • So the first thing I do when I wake up make coffee, I'm on the road and I got myself a little coffee grinder french press and I've got some good local coffee beans while the french press is steeping.

  • I make an oatmeal, very simple, just a little salt, some Arizona desert honey, dried cranberries and sunflower seeds.

  • I am a cream in the coffee kind of person.

  • Just a splash.

  • I like to put it in.

  • I don't know if this makes a difference but I like to put it in the cup first and then pour the hot coffee into the cream.

  • Then I've got my coffee, I've got my oatmeal and then I've got my little glass, orange juice, that's how I get started.

  • Sometimes I drink tea, that's an afternoon thing.

  • I love iced tea.

  • Iced tea is one of my favorite things.

  • We're out here in the desert.

  • It gets really hot.

  • A big iced tea full of ice with a lemon, you know, from two wound up, maybe a little cameo at night.

  • It's nice to kind of take things down.

  • So after I eat breakfast, a typical day for me right now is getting in an Uber and going to the kitchen where I am working on developing the new menu for super freak o in las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

  • We're doing a lot of menu testing right now.

  • So it's cooking, standing on my feet cooking, I am menu testing.

  • So lunch is a little redundant when you're developing a menu if it was like a big pizza tasting days a day before, I usually skip breakfast if I'm back home.

  • My preferred typical lunch is probably tacos.

  • I eat a lot of pizza and pasta and food that I cook for work and when I'm not eating that I like to eat tacos and mexican food.

  • Actually one of my favorite things for lunch of all time is pot core power and it's a thai dish, holy basil chicken with a fried egg and rice.

  • That's one of my favorites.

  • It's like a perfect lunch, chicken and rice.

  • A lot of cultures around the world have like a chicken and rice dish for lunch and that's, it's kind of like the perfect balance of a little bit of protein and carb and then throw some spice in there and that's what's good.

  • I always have my salary to started with me, I travel with it all over the world and I have two different starters.

  • I have started A and starter, B A K, started B and one of them is kind of a basic kind of all purpose flour in a plastic container.

  • It's a workhorse and then started because my special starter, I've only ever kept it in a glass container and I only feed it organic stone milled flour.

  • So I think the favorite recipes that I developed for the cookbook is my Sicilian grandma dough.

  • I love making it.

  • What I love about it is I made pizza for many years.

  • Usually you have to stretch the pizza out with flour and you get flour on yourself and get flour all over the place on your shoes.

  • I love about the Sicilian grandma's after you mix the dough, it goes in the pan, there's some pressing out and it rises in the pan and then when it's time to make the pizza, you just top whatever you want and you can cook it in a home oven and a toaster oven.

  • If you have a pizza oven, you could get a pizza oven, but it's just super flexible.

  • I'm excited about this recipe, the Sicilian grandma's recipe.

  • It's a focaccia basically so you can top it and have it be a pizza or you can just bake it off, put some sesame seeds on it and then cut it open and make sandwich, which is a good time.

  • Do I snack throughout the day?

  • I'm not a huge snacker, I am a fan of nuts.

  • I usually have cashews and pistachios and almonds around.

  • There's nothing usual about my schedule at all.

  • So usually eat dinner.

  • It depends if I'm traveling abroad and the client wants to go to dinner, then you know, we may eat dinner late if I am at home and I'm having like a downtime, office week, eat dinner pretty early on the earlier side, You know, the kids eat around 6 37 and then we just go right into making dinner for ourselves.

  • If I've been on the road doing a lot of pizza testing, I'm usually trying to keep it pretty carb free, like a little grass fed brevet, maybe some broccoli, roasted broccoli with the olive oil and sea salt.

  • Perfect dinner.

  • And on the earlier side you want to eat too late.

  • It's hard to get up repeat late.

  • Get groggy beverage of choice at dinner is an easy one that is going to be a posthumous Lacroix.

  • I love Lacroix.

  • I'm kind of Lacroix head.

  • I'm one of those natural wine dorks.

  • I love a good Austrian, natural white or rose a pop that chill it drink that I am known to late night snack.

  • I like the dark chocolate, peanut butter cups from either Justin's or if you go to trader joe's and a couple of does at the end of the night maybe with a handful of the nuts that I've been snacking on all day is a good little one.

  • Too dark chocolate.

  • No, it's peanut butter.

  • I don't think of myself as someone who gets angry, but I'm often accused of being hungry.

  • I'd probably get angry.

  • Um, you know, but that's what bananas are for.

  • Usually that was if I'm starting to get hungry, my wife is gonna Becks is going to be like here, eat a banana, you're being grumpy ingredient of food that I actively avoid processed foods ingredients that have chemicals or stabilizers in it.

  • That's it.

  • Other than that I'm down was a picky eater when I was a little kid and I am just always down to try everything now.

  • I think my favorite food city is probably Bangkok can go to chinatown and there's go from stall to stall and eat all kinds of snacks.

  • And I mean the energy in Bangkok is amazing, definitely.

  • One of my favorite food cities.

  • My go to comfort meal is spaghetti with tomato sauce.

  • If it's summer, I usually make tomato sauce which is just roasted Sun Golds with salt and olive oil pureed and then start paying with a little garlic, olive oil, pour that blended sun gold sauce.

  • Let that son Gold reduce, drove the pasta in there, toss it all together, a little butter, little parmesan, put it on the plate, olive oil, more parm, ultimate comfort food and that's everything I eat in a day.

  • Thanks for watching and be sure to check out my cookbook.

  • Pizzas are available everywhere.

  • Mhm Yeah.

Hi, I'm Anthony falco.

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