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  • - Come learn with us. - Come learn with us.

  • - Come learn with us, students. - Come learn with us, students.

  • - Forever and ever and ever. - Forever and ever and ever.

  • Hello and welcome to Eat Sleep Nightmare English.

  • We're going to be taking you through five super scary idioms.

  • "To ghost someone" is to end a romantic relationship suddenly and without telling the other person; basically, you stop calling them.

  • - That sounds mean. - It's terribly mean.

  • But why would someone do that?

  • - Maybe they are scared of commitment. - A commitment-phobe, if you will.

  • Hm, or maybe they found someone else.

  • - Someone better. - Someone better.

  • Have you ever ghosted anyone?

  • No, I prefer to break up with people in person so I can watch the tears fall down their cheeks.

  • - And lick their tears? - Yes, and lick their tears.

  • If you say you "could murder (something)", it means you really want this thing.

  • This usually refers to food or drink.

  • On a summer's day you might say, "I could murder a cold glass of Coca Cola."

  • Or any other name-brand beverage.

  • Is there anything you want right now?

  • - Yes, I could murder a pint. - Me, too.

  • Another phrase that we use that's very similar to this is "I'm dying for (something)".

  • It means you really want this.

  • The difference is we can use it for more than just food and drink.

  • For example, "I'm dying for the loo."

  • That's not what you said in rehearsal. You said I was dying for a ****.

  • I... I... I did not.

  • Anyway, we don't use that kind of profanity on Eat Sleep Dream English.

  • What, you mean, like, you don't say ****?

  • Our fourth idiom refers to pain.

  • If you say "(something) is killing you", it means it's causing you physical or emotional pain.

  • For example, after a long walk, you might say, "My feet are killing me," this means they are causing you pain.

  • Yes, or if you have a headache you could say, "My head is killing me."

  • Is it literally killing you? Is it ending your life?

  • - No, it's an idiom. - I'm not an idiot.

  • - An idiom, not an idiot. - You're the idiot.

  • Our final word is "gutted".

  • This is an informal adjective which means "very disappointed".

  • For example, if you fail a test or if your team loses in a sports match, you might be gutted.

  • - When was the last time you felt gutted? - When **** died in "Game of Thrones".

  • Oh, yes just like when **** dies in the "Walking Dead".

  • - Thank you for watching, now watch our other video. - Thank you for watching, now watch our other video.

- Come learn with us. - Come learn with us.

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