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Some of the best logos are simple yet clever.
Take a look at these logos.
The amazon logo has the yellow swoosh
because they want you to know that they have everything from A to Z.
Baskin Robbins is famous for having 31 flavors.
The FedEx logo looks pretty simple.
Look closely at the FedEx logo and you'll see an arrow, suggesting the company is moving forward and looking ahead.
And in the center of the Tostitos logo is a picture-- two people enjoying a bowl of chips.
See the Kisses between the K and I?
The iconic smiling face is actually the letter G
and it's on the logo twice.
How about a man riding a bike?
The V and the A in Sony's logo represented analog sound wave
and the I and O stand for binary digits, calling to mind the digital age.
Marketing experts agree that a logo is an important part of your marketing campaign.
There are several reasons why you should have a logo.
Solidify your brand.
To be more memorable.
And to instill the trust and appear bigger and well-established.
Adding your logo to your print advertising can help your ad get noticed.
And if you want your advertising to have a long lasting impression
add your logo to promotional items.
It's a great way to brand your video like this video by Video Mojo.
More tips from two minutes marketing coming soon.
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Famous Logos With Hidden Meanings - 2 Minute Marketing #104

29633 Folder Collection
Ah published on August 24, 2014    Ah translated    Christina Sun reviewed
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