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  • - Hello, I'm Julian Northbrook and in today's video,

  • I'm going to teach you how to sound clever in English.

  • (upbeat music)

  • Unless there is a really good reason to do it,

  • confabulating with pompous sounding lexis and jargon

  • does little to elucidate your verbalizations.

  • On the contrary, my little homosapious-rex,

  • utilising such oral ejectamenta does nothing

  • but obfuscate your communications.

  • There! I said it, and it's true!

  • But unfortunately, a lot of people seem to believe

  • the exact opposite to be true.

  • "Believe what to be true, Julian?" you ask, quite,

  • you probably didn't have a clue what I said just now,

  • and that is not surprising because I peppered my sentences

  • with obscure and pompous sounding bullshit

  • in an attempt to sound intelligent.

  • Bad, bad idea.

  • Daniel Oppenheimer, a professor

  • at Princeton University, ran a series of experiments.

  • He wanted to know which essays sounded more intelligent.

  • Essays that used simple, easy to understand vocabulary,

  • or essays that used big, complicated,

  • intelligent sounding words.

  • In every single case, the essays that used simple,

  • easy to understand language, were rated

  • as being the most intelligent sounding.

  • In fact, believe it or not, the more complicated,

  • intelligent sounding vocabulary

  • an essay included, the lower it was rated.

  • Simply put, the essays that were written in clear,

  • easy to understand language were,

  • well, clear and easy to understand.

  • The key ideas and messages contained in the essays,

  • weren't hidden behind a barrier

  • of incomprehensible bullshit.

  • The lesson here for you, is clear. Pun intended.

  • If you want to sound intelligent in English,

  • three things have to be true.

  • The language that you are using has to be simple, clear,

  • and easy to understand for the listener.

  • The message that you are sharing,

  • has to be well thought out and intelligent.

  • Using clever sounding words

  • is not going to save a shit idea.

  • Finally, the way that you deliver the message has to be

  • appropriate to the person you are delivering it to.

  • I call this the LKC triangle, and that is something you can

  • learn all about in my book, Master English Fast,

  • An Uncommon Guide to Speaking Extraordinary English.

  • In this hunk of papery goodness,

  • I teach you how to learn the language you need

  • for your life and use it effectively

  • to deliver your message in a way

  • that is appropriate to the people you are talking to.

  • To get your hands on a copy of Master English Fast,

  • or to download the first chapter, completely free,

  • just head over to

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  • And I will see you in the next video. Thank you and goodbye.

- Hello, I'm Julian Northbrook and in today's video,

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How to Sound Clever in English?

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