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  • Hello, it's Martina here

  • This has been a very challenging  year for the entire world,

  • and needless to say really it's been  very challenging for me and Simon

  • We've gone through some  incredibly difficult changes 

  • and we're trying our best to deal  with these changes in our lives

  • I'm truly sorry that these  changes and difficulties 

  • have spilled out onto our Youtube channel. This channel and the community means a lot to me

  • they mean a ton to me, and so I would like to tell you  

  • a couple of things that haven't changed. I'm still extremely passionate about food

  • I love cooking, I love filming I love editing

  • I love being creative. I mean, I've always loved making videos

  • During this year I've tried to keep the spirit of  eat your kimchi going by posting several videos

  • Obviously with Coldemort (Covid) it made it quite difficult to do  

  • any exploring in Canada and around in Toronto 

  • and also I was coping with a lot of crippling depression

  • I started a new Youtube channel and I started putting content slowly

  • but I really wanted to balance out the videos for the OG EYK audience

  • as well as new videos for people who  might be following me on my new channel

  • My new channel is called King Kogi. It's repping my travel pig over here 

  • this is Kogi – “wee wee wee" – Kogi has been an excellent support for me 

  • so when I'm sleeping he actually supports my joints from falling out of socket

  • He is a really good size for that; and also while I was travelling

  • I actually drew a lot of my designs and made music

  • edited videos while travelling, off of his back. Literally, I put him down, sorry buddy

  • put stuff on top and edited on top of him. Buddy, you're the real GOAT

  • Wee wee wee?” ... No GOAT, is like a new millennial slang… 

  • it's probably now new anymoreyou're not literally a goat… 

  • wee wee"… it's too much to explain

  • Currently, if you check out my new channel you are going to see a lot music focused videos 

  • and that's because I spent the year learning more about music production

  • I used to make all the music for EatYourKimchithe Music Monday, the Parodies, the theme songs

  • and I used it all on Garage Band but now I've been working hard to figure out 

  • better how to make music – a little bit better on how to make music – 

  • now I'm using Abelton Live and learning how to mix down and master my own track

  • It's been a really wonderful place for me to put my energy and I'm also learning 

  • how to play the piano again and the channel is going  

  • to have a big change soon. And that's because I'm moving back to Japan

  • for how long I don't know yet , but that means that I'll  

  • be putting up a lot more videos about cooking and the food and adventures 

  • and who the heck knows what else. If you would like to join  

  • me on this new life adventure, please feel free to subscribe to 

  • KINGKOGI Youtube channel It's the same thing for Instagram

  • Join me, Captain Martina, and the crew mates as we sale off on a new adventure  

  • on KingKogi's airship, searching for good vibes and good food

  • we'll explore strange new worldsseek out new life… 

  • and new civilizationswe'll boldly will go where no one has gone before… 

  • wait a second...Jean-Luc Picard, you rascal. Where are my Next Gen fans

  • Before we board King Kogi's Airship I would like to leave you with  

  • this little Ode to Canada with it's changing seasons

  • This was the first timewas back in Canada since 2007 

  • to experience the whole CHANGING SEASONS, and it was pretty epic, to be honest

  • The music is original music, made by me; it's a short song because I'm still getting better 

  • at learning how to do this stuff. I hope you enjoy it

  • I will be still posting some stuff  on EatYourKimchi Studio still 

  • but most of my energy is going into King Kogi so I hope to see you there Space Cowboy

  • No wait that's from something else as well. See you in Japan!

Hello, it's Martina here

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    Summer posted on 2021/09/22
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