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  • Hello, everyone. Welcome to today's video.

  • My name is Angela, and today we are going to learn some phrasal verbs related to technology.

  • This is the last video of a series of three.

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  • Before starting the video, I would like to remind you of a couple of things.

  • Firstly, I would like to share with you some useful resources that you can use to practice and teach phrasal verbs about technology.

  • We also have three posters to use in the classroom related to these three topics, and we will link them below.

  • And now, we are ready to start our lesson about phrasal verbs related to technology, and we start in three, two, one, go!

  • Look! Notice how we can use this phrasal verb.

  • This is what we mean when we say it's separable.

  • It's important to back up your data so you don't lose it.

  • It's important to back your data up so you don't lose it.

  • Back up, to take a copy of computer data and store it somewhere else in case you lose the original data.

  • Look! This phrasal verb is separable.

  • My phone is almost out of power, so I need to charge it up.

  • I need to charge up my phone because it's almost out of power.

  • To charge up, to put electricity into a device or battery.

  • I need to filter out the options. I need to filter the options out.

  • To filter out, to remove something that you don't want from a group.

  • Update your security settings o nobody can hack into your computer.

  • To hack into, to get into someone's computer or phone without permission in order to get information or do something illegal.

  • You need to hook up to the Wi-Fi to access the Internet.

  • To hook up to, to connect a machine to a power supply, another machine, or a Wi-Fi network.

  • Look! This phrasal verb is separable.

  • Learn English with Cambridge put up new videos at least once a week.

  • Learn English with Cambridge put new videos up at least once a week.

  • To put up, to post something online.

  • I spend too much time scrolling up and down through pictures on Instagram.

  • To scroll up or to scroll down, to move text or pictures up or down on a computer or phone.

  • Shut down your computer before you go to bed to save energy.

  • Shut your computer down before you go to bed to save energy.

  • To shut down, to switch off a device.

  • I've signed up for an online course in computer programming.

  • Sign up for, start doing or having something, especially by signing a document.

  • Let's recap.

  • You can filter...

  • ... out spam with special software.

  • Later that day, the server shut...

  • ... down completely.

  • You could lose all your data if you don't back your phone...

  • ... up.

  • And now, I would like to know something about you.

  • What was the last thing you signed up for online?

  • Can you name three apps or websites you like scrolling through in your free time?

  • I hope these ideas help.

  • If they do, please do not forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel!

  • Thank you very much for watching, and I will see you all in the next video.

  • See you!

Hello, everyone. Welcome to today's video.

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Phrasal verbs related to technology | Cambridge Exam Tips Part 3

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