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  • Um, hey, Rach, can I ask you something?

  • - Yeah. - Okay, you can totally say no.

  • But, um, would it be okay with you if I set Ross up on a date?

  • Oh. Uh... with who?

  • Um, my friend, Bonnie.

  • She just always thought Ross is really cute, and now that you two aren't together, she asked me if I could set it up, but, if you're not cool with it...

  • Wh-wh, which one is Bonnie again?

  • You remember her from my birthday party two years ago?

  • She's, uh, yeah, like, average height, medium build, bald.

  • Oh! Ugh, that's fine.

  • Really? Okay. Ah, good for you! Alright!

  • Wow, that was depressing; I think I just bought a soft pretzel from one of the kids from "Fame".

  • - Aww... - Aww...

  • - Ready to go to the movies? - Mm-hmm.

  • - Oh, Rach, this is Bonnie. - Hi!

  • This is Bonnie?

  • This is Bonnie? You're Bonnie?

  • I can show you an ID if you want.

  • Oh, no. I'm sorry, just... You look a lot different than the last time I, I saw you.

  • Oh, yeah, well, I just started wearing bras again.

  • Oh, that must be it.

  • Well, I hope you have fun tonight!

  • - Thanks. You, too. - Okay.

  • - You said she was bald. - Yeah, she was bald. She's not now.

  • How could you not tell me that she has hair?

  • I don't know. I hardly ever say that about people.

  • Oh, well, this is just perfect!

  • Well, I'm sorry. I thought you said it was okay.

  • Yeah, I said it was okay when I thought she was some weird bald chick, I mean, you know...

  • That girl has got hair all over her head.

  • Well, maybe it won't work out. Maybe Ross won't like her personality.

  • Why, does she have a bad personality?

  • Oh, no, Bonnie's the best!

Um, hey, Rach, can I ask you something?

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Friends: Phoebe Sets Ross Up On a Date (Season 3 Clip) | TBS

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