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  • Let's do some practice with 'this', 'that', 'these', and 'those'. 

  • First, I have this pen.

  • I have to say, “This is a pen.”

  • This is a pen.”

  • Okay.

  • Over there, “That is a pen.”

  • That is a pen.”

  • Now, I have two pens.

  • These are pens.”

  • These are pens.”

  • Okay, I'm going to move them far away.

  • Those are pens.”

  • Those are pens.”

  • Okay, let's move on to questions.

  • I have one pen.

  • Is this a pen?”

  • Yes, it is.”

  • Is this a cookie?”

  • No, it isn't.”

  • Is that a pen?”

  • Yes, it is.”

  • Is that a cookie?”

  • No, it isn't.”

  • Okay, two pens.

  • Are these pens?”

  • Yes, they are.”

  • Are these cookies?”

  • No, they aren't.”

  • Okay,  now they're over here.

  • Are those pens?”

  • Yes, they are?”

  • Are those cookies?”

  • No, they aren't.”

  • Okay, so that was our practice

  • for 'this', 'that', 'these', and 'those'.

  • I hope you guys understood and I'll see you in the next video.

  • Bye.

Let's do some practice with 'this', 'that', 'these', and 'those'. 

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Practice THIS THAT THESE THOSE | Basic English Grammar Course

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    Summer posted on 2021/09/16
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