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  • good morning hi guys it's me todayjust woke up as you can probably tell  

  • i'm like super sleepy it's currently 8 20 am  i was planning to wake up at 6 30 am but i  

  • snooze alarm couple times and i didn't realize  it and it's currently 8 20 am but no problem  

  • it's okay it's okay no okay so let me introduce  you guys my alarm clock so for my alarm clock  

  • i use this yabaya sunlight alarm clock this video  is not sponsored what is a sunlight alarm clock so  

  • basically a sunrise alarm clock or sunlight alarm  clocks are is an artificial light source that is  

  • integrated into a standard digital clock it is  time to gradually wake a person at a selected time  

  • it does this by mimicking the steadily increasing  light of sunlight so my sunlight alarm clock  

  • loves from 10 minutes to 60 minutes so  basically because it mimics the sunlight  

  • you don't ruin your circadian rhythm and you wake  up much more easily time to make my bed after  

  • that i tidy up my bed i realize that whenever  my mental and physical environment is messy  

  • my mind becomes messy as well i cannot really  concentrate and i think my mind is everywhere  

  • so by organizing your physical environment it  allows you to concentrate more so i did that

  • after tidying up my bed i went to bathroom  i did necessary hygiene stuff that we all do

  • i really started to meditate because these days  i realized that my mind was very stuffed and the  

  • stress and anxiety that built in my brain was  getting bigger and bigger so i decided to stop  

  • that and i realized that i wasn't really paying  attention to my mental health so i decided to  

  • start the meditation and i used an amazing app for  meditation which i'll introduce you guys on sunday  

  • i really love this ab i meditated in japanese and  i did a body scanning meditation session which  

  • was amazing corset around your waist so you don't  have to wear a corset or a waist trainer because  

  • obviously those things don't work you guys you are  going to build your natural corset that allow you  

  • to tighten everything up and give you that nice  hourglass shape after that i decided to work out a  

  • bit these days i realized that how couch potatoam and i cannot i cannot tell you guys how jiggly  

  • my arms my legs my whole body is i lost almost  all of the muscles that i had back in the day  

  • when i was working out constantly and i feel like  a couch potato right now like a literal potato  

  • so i worked out for about 20 minutes doing cassie  ho's workouts i think these days the thing that  

  • i need is literally cassie's positivity the energy  she's vibrating is like a sunshine and it really  

  • motivates me energizes me gives me positive  energy so i really love her workouts so i did a  

  • full body workout and one with ab workout i guess  i just pick like random one or two workouts every  

  • single day and i started to work out once again  because healthy body healthy mind when it comes to  

  • workouts i think there is something that you truly  don't want to work out but after you work out  

  • you feel so proud of yourself and endorphins kick  in and you just like feel immediately much better  

  • so when i feel down when i feel depressed whenfeel stressful i meditate and work out and truly  

  • changes the things i realize that when i don't  do my workout during my morning routine i don't  

  • work out because i simply like make excuses not  to work out i say i'm tired i say have things  

  • i say i don't have time even though i have time  and i just like make a bunch of excuses we humans  

  • are so good at making excuses and every single day  i come up with a new logical excuse not to work  

  • out so i decided to work out right after i wake up  so that i don't miss my workout sessions and you  

  • don't need to go crazy for your workout sessions  you can just basically do 10 to 15 minutes of  

  • workout and you can feel much better my goal is  not to lose weight i mean it will be amazing if i  

  • can like shape up my body but the goal is not that  i treat workouts as a something for my mental and  

  • physical health after my workouts i usually do  like five to ten minutes of yoga as a cool down  

  • doing yoga as a cool down is much more productive  way to cool down it really calms me down the first  

  • time that i tried yoga was when i was six years  old my mom brought me to kids yoga class back in  

  • the day and i truly fall in love with it but now  we have like on and off relationship with yoga  

  • whenever i feel stuck i do yoga but i realize that  i should probably do it more often i decided to  

  • include it into my morning routine so that i don't  miss my yoga sessions it truly helps you might  

  • think like oh this is like some sort of the hippie  new trend that everybody does but yoga has a very  

  • long history so you can research about it butthink you can just like give it a try you won't  

  • lose anything by giving a try new things after  my little meditation exercise and yoga session  

  • i took a very cold shower not because i'm  a productivity-free it's because simply  

  • the outside is so so hot after my cold cold shower  i did my skincare routine if you're interested in  

  • my skincare routine i have a full dedicated  video about it and the funny thing about the  

  • comments section of my skincare routine is that  people say oh asians have a good skin it's not  

  • about your skin care girl i had so many acnes  back in the day and also skin care is not about  

  • curing things it's just something supplementary  to prevent skin imperfections that you can have  

  • in the future if you're interested in my skincare  routine i have a full dedicated video about it  

  • and also i used to have a bunch of acnes you can  also watch a video about how i got rid of them  

  • and now i have a pretty good skin in my opinion  after that i dried my hair i hate drying my hair  

  • that's why i keep my hair short you guys like  know me with short hair but the 90 of my time  

  • i had like long hair but then i realized like  drying your hair every single day is such a  

  • waste of a time so i decided to cut it off after  drying my hair i made myself a coffee the thing  

  • that i was really surprised when i was in germany  is that when i said iced coffee they brought me  

  • basically a coffee with ice cream top of it they  say we don't drink iced coffee here which was very  

  • confusing to me because in starbucks they sell  iced coffee i guess in dutch in germany right  

  • so it's kind of was weird but i don't know if  it's something asian because in japan we drink  

  • pretty often iced coffee so let me know if it's  some sort of an asian thing i take a sip from my  

  • coffee because i'm a caffeine addict and i prepare  myself a breakfast in japan my grandpa and my mom  

  • makes like a super traditional japanese breakfast  however since i'm currently in turkey and i don't  

  • want to spend a lot of time making breakfast  i made a simple chia seed yogurt banana sleep  

  • breakfast which is fulfilling delicious it looks  awful but healthy and i ate that chia seed is  

  • like so good for you it has a high fiber high  protein good for your digestion good for your  

  • every single part of your body basically anyways  i added some banana and i ate my breakfast what  

  • do you guys eat for breakfast i actually really  love simmit which is a traditional turkish bread  

  • but every single time we buy simi to our house my  dad eats every single of it we're like never able  

  • to eat cement during our breakfast what works for  you now might not work for you three months from  

  • now so don't forget to keep asking yourself  is this working for me so bye guys love you

  • you

good morning hi guys it's me todayjust woke up as you can probably tell  

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