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Hey, I'm Lewis.
I'm Danny.
I'm Jake.
I'm Charley.
And we're Rixton. Get in the goal!
I always feel like saying Rixton. I feel like saying Brixton.
I know.
It's really annoying me that I'm saying that.
No, I mean. A lot of people always start the interviews off like, "Is it annoying when
people ask like how you meet?" and it's like "How'd you meet?" And it's like, it's not
annoying. You kind of have to do it for people to get to know you, so I mean in like ten
years when people are like so how did you meet? I'll be like oh gosh. But no, we're
just kind of excited by everything at the moment. It's strange.
You guys have just become huge. I mean, everyone's loving you online.
Thank you.
How exciting!
It's very exciting, isn't it?
I don't understand.
I don't get it.
Because like, it's not happened overnight for us, which is strange. You know, like we
haven't got thousands of fans turning up in the street at the moment. It's just... We
were just a band before this, and we'll hopefully be a band in 10 to 15... We're just kind of
doing our thing really, which we're excited about. Aren't we?
Yeah yeah. And the thing that's crazy is we are literally just four lads on the road.
-Four proper lads. -And it's just like...
Things are paying off, and we're just having fun.
Okay, so tell me the laddy stuff you get up to.
You got a few hours?
Lads, lads, lads. Hot coffee. Really hot coffee.
No, it's... Well, I don't know. What sort of laddy stuff do we get up to?
We just like making memories. Let's put it up.
Yeah, we have this thing where it's like, mate I'm doing to bed. And he's like, well
I'm going to the bar. And we both look at each other like... Are you going to make memories
in bed? Do you know what I mean? And you're like alright, we'll go to the bar.
We watched the England Italy game in France. That was fun because it was a mixed crowd
at the bar, and yeah, there was loads of Italians. There were English people and French people,
and it was a really good atmosphere to be honest. Then we lost, and we went outside
and we started a huge football match in a town square.
In Paris. It was about 40 people, wasn't it?
About 40 people.
Free for all football.
One ball. Everyone just going crazy.
So much fun.
And that was one of the laddiest things we've ever done. Yeah.
No, the laddiest thing we've ever done is ten minutes before pointing at the telly and
going, "Who are ya? Who are ya?"
-Even though we've lost. -Yeah, even though we've lost.
So I've got to get onto the favourite song of the moment. I'm going to try and sing it.
Me and my broken heart.
Very nice.
Guys, that song is so good. Everyone's like it reminds me of something. Who is it? And
I was like Maroon 5. Is that the kind of thing that you like?
Yeah, we don't mind. They've kind of got this perfect crossover at the moment between R&B
and popular music, and it's kind of very radio friendly. People can sing along. We just love
music in general, so it's the fact that we've got a mixed blend of all this stuff we grew
up listening to. It's perfect, and we're big fans of Maroon 5 as well so, it's great.
Maybe you can do a McBusted with Maroon 5.
A Rix5. Not going to work. Maybe when we need a bit of money, we might. Then we'll do reform.
How do you mend the broken heart? Have you had it broken?
I think everyone at some point has had it broken or they're going to.
No, well it's true. I never thought I would...
But yeah... You've... What do you do?
You've got a great method of getting over a break up.
Why are you pointing mine out?
Because yours involves chocolate and Boys2Men. That's why.
-It's not chocolate. It's ice cream. -There we go.
What's the best way to dump someone?
The best way? I don't think there's a good way. Then you're hurting someone else. There's
nothing good about it.
I've cried before and not over the fact that we're splitting up, but the fact I've upset her.
I'm one of those terrible people that tries to make them think that it's their idea to
split up.
Well, then we're just going to have to split up then, aren't we?
I did it once over FaceTime. That was the worst.
FaceTime you have to sit there and watch them cry for ten minutes, and it's just...
Oh! I'm breaking up. You just got to do that. That's the perfect thing.
I'm breaking...
We've got to talk about America. We've got to talk about your mate... Is it Ariana? Ariana.
Just Ariana.
I think it's just Ariana, yeah.
Was she just an absolute hoot?
-She's really cool. -She's really cool, yeah.
She's really nice.
She's actually quite quiet. She's very cute, very lovely.
-Very reserved. -But yeah, she's reserved.
Yeah, she's beautiful. Even more beautiful in person.
I just think she's really hot.
Have you told her?
Yeah, he's told her.
Yeah, he has actually.
Oh yeah, we did like a publicity shot with her, and I ended up getting drunk and everyone
put their arms around each other and they smiled and I lifted my shirt up. And you know
when you make yourself look like really bloated? And I did that and like stuck my finger in
my belly button, and I just stood there like... And she looks like beautiful for a publicity shot.
It was like on a red carpet, and I was just like... It was just like, and it just went
everywhere and I was so embarrassed. And she hasn't texted me back.
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Rixton interview: Ariana Grande and the most laddish thing they've done

1838 Folder Collection
呂宗穎 published on August 18, 2014
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