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  • Hello everybody.

  • It's Sarah here from BBC learning english.

  • Just a quick reminder that I will be here in 30 minutes with another live learning english lesson for you.

  • Now the subject of today's lesson is going to be zero and first condition als so if this is something that you've struggled with this, this is something that you find a little bit difficult or it's something that you would just like to use more in future Then this is the lesson for you.

  • So I'm really looking forward to you joining me in 30 minutes time now for those of you watching right now I have a very quick warmup activity for you.

  • So uh we have two sentences here in orange and one word missing from each sentence.

  • So all you need to do is have a quick look at the sentences and decide which words are missing.

  • So we've got helping helps.

  • I'll and I which words you're only going to use two of those words Which words go in which spaces?

  • Okay so that's just a little quick warmup activity for you while you're having a look.

  • I'm just going to say hello to some people who are joining me already.

  • Hello.

  • Sy high Hekmat.

  • Hello uh Shaheen A high thank you.

  • Uh thanks everybody for being nice and early and being ready So I very much hope to see you in 30 minutes time.

Hello everybody.

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