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  • Hi, everybody, and welcome.

  • In this video, we're going to talk about 'this' and 'that'.

  • Now 'this' and 'that' are used to talk about nouns

  • that are close to us, near or far away.

  • Okay.

  • So let's look at the board.

  • This is a flower.”

  • Okay, we use 'this' to talk about one noun, “a flower”, that is close.

  • Okay.

  • This is a flower.”

  • It's not far.

  • It's close.

  • That is a flower.”

  • Okay, we use 'that' to talk about one noun that's far away.

  • So, “Thatthat is a flower”.

  • Okay.

  • For another example

  • This is a marker.”

  • It's close to me.

  • ButThatthat is a marker”.

  • It's far away.

  • Okay, let's move on to the next part.

  • So we know

  • This is a flower.”

  • Okay.

  • AndThat is a flower... that”.

  • Now, “Is this a flower”?

  • What is it?”

  • It's a chair.”

  • So we have to use the negative.

  • This isn't a flower.”

  • It's close by, but it isn't a flower.

  • 'isn't' is a contraction for 'is not'.

  • Okay.

  • This isn't a flower.”

  • This is a chair.”

  • That isn't a flower.”

  • It's far away, so we saythat”.

  • Again, we have 'isn't', 'a flower'.

  • That's a chair.”

  • And let's take another example.

  • This isn't a pencil.”

  • This is a marker.”

  • And

  • That isn't a pencil.”

  • That is a marker.”

  • Okay, let's move on to the next part.

  • Now we're going to learn how to use 'this' and 'that' in a question.

  • Okay.

  • So we know, “This is a flower”.

  • When we make a question, we have to switch.

  • We put the 'be' verb first.

  • So it becomes, “Is this a flower?”.

  • Okay, it's close by.

  • So the answer is, “Yes, it is”.

  • Okay.

  • Is that a flower?”

  • It's far away.

  • The answer is, “Yes, it is”.

  • Okay, but how about this?

  • This isn't a flower.” So...

  • Is this a flower?”.

  • The answer is, “No, it isn't”.

  • Is that a flower?”

  • No, it isn't.”

  • Okay, here.

  • Is this a marker?”.

  • Yes, it is.”

  • Is that a marker?”.

  • Yes, it is.”

  • Is this a pencil?”.

  • No, it isn't.”

  • Is that a pencil?”.

  • No, it isn't.”

  • Okay, so we learned 'this' and 'that' in this video.

  • I hope you guys understand and I'll see you in the next video.

  • Bye.

Hi, everybody, and welcome.

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Learn THIS / THAT | Basic English Grammar Course

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