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  • Oh, my God, it's Valentine's Day, and I want to tell this person how much I love them, but I don't know how in English!

  • Don't worry, I've got you covered.

  • Well, here are some ways you can let them know.

  • Of course, "I like you" can just be friendly, but, if you say it a certain way...

  • I like you.

  • Then, of course, it means you like them more than a friend; you're interested in being more than friends with that person.

  • You could also say:

  • You complete me!

  • No! Too much, too much.

  • But, really, it doesn't need to be more complicated than saying "I like you".

  • Sure, add a winky face emoji if you really want to, but that's all you need; it doesn't need to be more complicated than that.

  • But maybe you want to be creepy and intense.

  • So, how can you let someone know not only that you love them, but also how much you love them?

  • Let's look at the levels of how much you can love someone or like someone.

  • We begin with "I like you".

  • Now, this just means you're interested in the person.

  • You want to get to know them better; they're attractivethat's fine.

  • If you say "I'm into you", that's a bit more than "like", that's... uh... "We need to cuddle right now!"

  • And you can modify it with: "I'm REALLY into you!", "I am totally into you!"

  • But maybe you are crazy about someone.

  • In which case, you could say you are "gaga for" for that person, or "gaga about" or "over" that person.

  • Yes, like Lady Gaga.

  • And that just means you are super, super crazy about them.

  • "Ugh, he's gaga for her. Annoying."

  • If you're "smitten with" someone, you're drunk in love.

  • It's that next level of "Oh, my God, I just... I think about them all the time, and I just, I just want to be with them always, errr..."

  • So, if you have two annoying friends who are seriously in love and they're always together and they're really annoying, they are smitten with each other.

  • Totally in love and totally annoying.

  • The next two are more formal, serious type(s) of love.

  • We can say "enamored" or "besotted with".

  • Pronunciation: besotted or enamored. Enamored with someone.

  • Again, this sounds more formal and a more serious type of love.

  • So, if that's what you're feeling, you are enamored with that person.

  • But then love can get a bit crazy and a bit scary sometimes, and then that person is obsessed!

  • A synonym of "obsessed" is "Infatuated".

  • This is the type of love that usually...

  • People feel for celebrities.

  • "Oh, my God, I know everything about Nicolas Cage. I know his birthday, I know his cat's birthday, I know his star sign. Wow, I'm infatuated!"

  • Pronunciation: infatuated, infatuated.

  • And it means the same as "obsessed", but with love. Scary love.

  • So, if you have a special someone this Valentine's Day, share this video with them and tell them how much you like, or love, or are infatuated with them.

  • Have a happy Valentine's Day. I'll see you next time.

Oh, my God, it's Valentine's Day, and I want to tell this person how much I love them, but I don't know how in English!

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How to Fall in Love in English!!

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