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Never worn makeup in my life.
Very Beyonce like, this is what I woke up like every single day.
I hope I look good.
Women are beautiful whereas men are kind of like hairy, scraggly, little monster things.
It's just like a less painful version of being at the dentist.
It's almost like a massage.
Don't take it personally, I never like getting face-paint when I was a kid.
It feels like I'm getting grosser.
Some girls are like... come over and look in a certain way and then they'll go and take a shower.
I'll go like "Woo, who is this person!"
I feel like a blank , coloring book.
I feel so XX beautiful right now.
Moving on the most sensitive part of your face.
It's like playing chicken in the car.
(look up)
I see the brush in my eyes, and I just wanna chicken out and move out the way.
If someone waved a magic wand that guys had to wear makeup to get laid, they'd probably wear makeup
Yeah, that's definitely weird.
That is... the worst.
Can I say for the record, I' m no longer enjoying myself?
Whenever I have look up, I open my mouth I'm not sure... what is it.
It feels like it's been for 10 minutes, or she's just been poking at my eyeball.
This is tough but it's going to be worth it when I look better than any of the women we work with.
Is it glue or?
My eyelids are lifting weights.
She's using this mini rake.
Can you give me like a.. like an Asian K-POP look?
Always wondered what these Clockwork Orange things do.
Yeah, there's terrifying.
I wonder how many people's lips this brush has touched.
The color powder here.
None of these look like a normal person's lips.
It's hard to imagine I'm going to be a good looking woman.
It could look horrible.
It's time to man up.
Oh my god. It's XXX crazy!!!!!!
Holy cow, I think I look like my aunt
I'm kind of look like my mom.
It's not a beautiful woman, it's a handsome woman.
It's actually interesting to see how easily the face can be changed.
The art of doing that is kinda beautiful.
I learn that it's a huge pain in the ass.
I don't know how many women are just like late just because they put their face on.
The fact there's six thousand dollars of the makeup here, and it's just like a cost I'd never had.
It's certainly eye-opening into like what ladies, girls go through.
If I had to do that on my own, I'd blind myself.
Men should be allowed to make up, I mean, generally anyone should be allowed to do anything.
Makeup is gendered.
I think beauty is gendered, too. It's a window into women's, like daily routine, or like, you know, what people expect.
You're just laughing because not what I'm saying is funny, it's because I look crazy.
Everybody have nightmares! Have nightmare forever now!
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Men Try Women's Makeup For The First Time

18079 Folder Collection
林彥君 published on August 15, 2014    林彥君 translated    Colin Lin reviewed
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