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  • Ah, the classic!

  • When you're talking about your country and you're saying, "Oh my God, in my country, we have the most amazing bitches!"

  • And everyone looks at you like ...

  • Beaches, you know, the sand, sea.

  • Oh, beaches!

  • I thought you said bitches!

  • So, this is a classic: is it /i:/ or /ɪ/?

  • Ship or sheep?

  • So, you may have heard that the only difference is it's a long sound for /i:/ and a short sound for /ɪ/

  • Long sound for sheep, short sound for ship.

  • Same for sheet and shit.

  • But there's more to it in that, and I'm gonna show you two ways that you can definitely make the sounds without any mistakes!

  • First of all, just look at my mouth - that's a weird thing to ask!

  • But look at my mouth!

  • When I say these two words : 'Beach.' 'Bitch.'

  • Now, let's try without sound!

  • Do you see the difference?

  • 'Bitch.'

  • Your mouth is more closed.

  • 'Bitch.'

  • And with 'beach', your mouth makes a smily mouth, which is good!

  • 'Beach.' 'Beach.'

  • But, you could also make this sound regardless of what mouth shape you make!

  • For example: 'Bitch.' 'Beach.'

  • I did the same mouth shape and produced two different sounds!

  • So, there's more to it in that!

  • It's what happens inside the mouth that's the real secret.

  • And to do this, I'll use a pen!

  • I don't know whose pen this is, and I don't know where it's been!

  • So, with 'bitch', your tongue stays down.

  • With 'beach', your tongue comes up and closes the gap inside your mouth!

  • Let me demonstrate!

  • So, you see, to make the /i:/, I have to lift my tongue up, to get that /i:/.

  • Because what it's doing, it's closing the mouth to get a higher pitch sound!

  • /i:/.

  • So, tell us, what do you like to relax with?

  • A nice beautiful what?

  • Try these sentences!

  • [Try to say these sentences.]

  • [I'm fascinated with ships.]

  • [Where I'm from, there are lots of beaches.]

  • [Don't leave! I can't live without you.]

  • [These chips are cheap.]

  • Don't call women bitches, it's ... wrong.

  • Thanks for watching.

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Ah, the classic!

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English Pronunciation: Bitch or Beach?

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    Elise Chuang posted on 2021/09/07
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