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  • for clients the cuba thing  yeah so dawson and downey right

  • i've done something wrong again haven't  i i was just wondering why two guys have  

  • been locked up since this morning while  they're lawyers outside hitting a ball  

  • we need to practice that wasn't funny  

  • it's a little funny lieutenant would you be very  insulted if i recommend it to your supervisor that  

  • he assigned different counsel why because i don't  think you're fit to handle the defense you don't  

  • even know me ordinarily it takes someone hours  to discover i'm not fit to handle the defense

  • oh come on that was damn funny  you're wrong i do know you  

  • daniel alistair caffey born june 8th 1964 at  boston mercy hospital your father's lionel kathy  

  • former navy judge advocate and attorney general of  the united states died 1985. you went to harvard  

  • law then you joined the navy probably because  that's what your father wanted you to do and  

  • now you're just treading water for the three  years you've got to serve in the jaguar just  

  • kind of laying low so you can get out and getreal job if that's a situation that's fine i won't  

  • tell anyone but it's my feeling that if this case  is handled in the same fast food slick ass persian  

  • bizarre manner with which you seem to handle  everything else then something's going to get  

  • missed and i wouldn't be doing my job if i allowed  dawson and downey to spend any more time in prison  

  • than absolutely necessary because their attorney  had predetermined the path of least resistance

  • wow i'm sexually aroused command i don't think  your clients murdered anyone what are you basing  

  • this son there was no intent the doctor's report  says that santiago died of asphyxiation brought on  

  • by acute lactic acidosis and that the nature  of the acidosis strongly suggests poisoning  

  • now i don't know what that means but it sounds  pretty bad santiago died at one am at three the  

  • doctor wasn't able to determine the cause of  death two hours later he said it was poison  

  • oh now i see what you're saying it had to be  professor plum in the library with the candlestick  

  • i'm gonna talk to your supervisor okay go straight  up pennsylvania avenue it's the big white house  

  • with the pillars in front thank you i don't  think you have much luck though i was assigned  

  • by division remember somebody over there thinks  i'm a pretty good lawyer so well i appreciate your  

  • interest and admire your enthusiasm i think i can  handle things myself you know what a code red is

  • what a pity

  • sir lance corporal harolddawson sir rifle security company  

  • second platoon bravo someone has been working  and playing well with others harold sir yes sir

  • sir pfc loudoun downey sir

  • i'm daniel cathy this is  sam weinberg let's sit down

  • is this your signature yes sir you don't have  to call me sir is this your signature so yes sir  

  • certainly you don't need to do it twice  in one sentence what's the code red  

  • sir code red is a disciplinary  engagement what's that mean exactly  

  • sir marine falls out of line it's up to the  men in this unit to get him back on track  

  • what's a garden-variety code red sir harold you  say sir and i turn around and look for my father  

  • danny daniel caffey garden variety typical  what's basic code red sir moraine refuses  

  • to breathe on a regular basis the men in his  squad would give him a gi shower what's that  

  • scrub brushes brillo pads steel wall beautiful  was the attack on santiago codered yes sir

  • does uh he ever talk sir pfc downing will  answer any direct questions you ask him as well

  • uh private [ __ ] the rag you stuff in santiago's  mouth was a poison on it no sir silver polished  

  • turpentine antifreeze no sir we were just  gonna shave his head sir when all of a sudden  

  • we saw blood dripping down his mouth and we pulled  the tape off and there was blood all down his face  

  • sir that's when lance corporal dawson called the  ambulance did anyone see you call the ambulance

  • no sir

  • were you there when the ambulance got there  yes sir that's when we were taken under arrest  

  • lance corporal the night of august 2nd did you  fire a shot across the fence landing to cuba

  • yes sir why my mirror engaged sir his mirror  for every american sentry post has a cuban  

  • counterpart that called mirrors lance corporal's  claiming that his mirror was about to fire at him  

  • santiago's letter to the  nis said you fired illegally  

  • he's saying that the uh the guy  the mirror he never made a move

  • oh harold you see what i'm getting at if santiago  didn't have anything on you then why did you give  

  • him a cold red because he broke the chain of  command sir he what he went outside of his  

  • unit sir if he had a problem he should have spoken  to me sir then a sergeant then company commander  

  • yeah all right did you assault santiago with the  intent of killing him no sir what was your intent  

  • to train him sir he trained him to do what train  him to think of his unit before himself to respect  

  • the code what's the code it core god country  i beg your pardon unit core god country sir

  • the government of the united states wants  to charge you two with murder and you want  

  • me to go to the prosecutor with unit  core god country that's our code sir

  • we'll be back you guys need anything books papers  cigarettes ham sandwich sir no thank you sir  

  • harold i think there's a concept you better start  warming up to sir i'm the only friend you've got

  • dan caffey smiling jack russ welcome to  the big time you think so let's hope for  

  • dawson and downey's sake you practice  law better than you play softball  

  • unfortunately for dawson and downey i don't  do anything better than i play softball  

  • i'm out of here janelle bye see when i get  back from cuba they had a cancer for me will do  

  • what are we looking at they plead guilty we  dropped the conspiracy and the conduct done  

  • becoming 20 years they're home and happened i want  12. can't do it they're called the ambulance jack  

  • look i don't care if they'd call the avon lady  they killed the marine the ragweed's test for  

  • poison the autopsy lab reports they all say same  thing maybe maybe not chief of internal medicine  

  • at the guantanamo bay naval hospital says he  sure what do you know about code reds oh man

  • we off the record tell me i'm gonna give you  the 12 years before you go get yourself into  

  • trouble tomorrow i think you should know  the platoon commander lieutenant jonathan  

  • kendrick held a meeting with the men and  specifically told them not to touch santiago

for clients the cuba thing  yeah so dawson and downey right

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