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  • Hi guys, and welcome to Level Up English with meAshley Hale.

  • Today, we are going to do a lesson on important interview tips to help you conquer a job interview.

  • We will divide this lesson into five parts.

  • One: Tell me about yourself

  • Two: Why should we hire you?

  • Three:  What are your strengths?

  • Four: Why are you looking for a job change?  

  • And finally, why do you want to work with our company?

  • Let's get started.

  • In the first part of this lesson, we are going to focus on the very common question: Tell me about yourself.

  • Now, there are five things you should focus on when speaking to someone about yourself

  • First, start with your name.

  • Example: "My name is Ashley and thank you for seeing me today," or "My name is Ashley, nice to meet you. " 

  • Two: Provide information about your place or about where you are from.

  • Example: "I am from South Africa, and I live in Johannesburg." 

  • Three: Give a short background on your education.  

  • Example: "I recently graduated from university, and I have a degree in____" - Here, you would mention the name of your degree.

  • Four: Speak about your job experiences.

  • Example: "I have five years of experience in teaching English, and prior to that, I worked as an engineer at ABC company." 

  • And finally, for the final part of this questionspeak briefly about your family.

  • Example: "I live with my family in South Africa. I have a husband and a son," or "I have a husband and a daughter." 

  • Next, we will focus on how to answer the question: Why should we hire you?

  • For this partmake sure you explain why they should choose to hire you over someone else.

  • You can do this by sharing your knowledge.

  • Example: "Since I have just left university, I have a lot of theoretical knowledge in my field. I am ambitious and I will endeavor to do my best for your organization."  

  • Speak about your work experiences.

  • Tap into any past work experiences you may have and how you added value to the organization you previously worked for.  

  • Talk about the skills related to the job.

  • Example: "I am punctual and sincereand I work hard to complete work on time, even if it means that I need to work after hours, I will also endeavor to fulfill all the needs of the company required from me."

  • Talk about your career goals.

  • Example: "I am hardworking and ambitious and will always work hard to move from strength to strength within your organization." 

  • Next, we will focus on the question: What are your strengths?

  • The strengths that you should mention as you complete your interview are as follows.

  • "I am great at adapting to different work environments and team exercises that may be presented."

  • "I am very hard working. I am honest and optimistic, which goes far in promoting a positive work environment."

  • "I am self-motivated and goal driven."

  • Next, let's focus on the questionWhy are you looking for a job change?

  • For this part of the interview, you should explain what you have learned from your past jobs.

  • Share exactly why you would like to change jobs.

  • But, be careful not to speak badly about your previous company or your previous companies.  

  • Also, be sure to mention how the job you are applying for lines up with your career goals.  

  • And finally, let's look at one of the most popular questions that is bound to pop up at some time, and that is: Why do you want to work for our company?

  • And here I have just two tips for you.  

  • First, explain to them what you like most about their company.

  • Speak about the company environment and their mission statement.

  • This way, the interviewer will also know that you took the time to research the company and prepare for the interview.

  • Second, relate the job position to your long-term career goals.

  • Example: "Whenresearched your company, I was thrilled to see that my skills match the requirements of your company and will allow me to successfully contribute to the future of the company."

  • And that's it, guys. These are the tips to help you to conquer your job interview.

  • If you enjoyed this lesson then please like and comment on this video, and don't forget to share this lesson with anyone else who may find this information useful.

  • This is Ashley with Level Up Englishsigning out. I'll see you next time! Goodbye.

Hi guys, and welcome to Level Up English with meAshley Hale.

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