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  • hello everyone welcome to WAORYU! ONLY IN JAPAN channel

  • today we're once again traveling back in time and this time all the way back to TAISHO period

  • we are visiting a small onsen town called Ikaho in Gunma prefecture

  • where we will  discover the charm of TAISHO

  • romance so come along

  • Ikaho Onsen is a hot spring town located on the eastern  slopes of Mt. Haruna

  • it is especially known for its golden colored waters

  • and is one of the  most famous onsen towns in Gunma prefecture

  • old town area is mainly concentrated around the  long stone stairs

  • Ishidan

  • that are lined up by ryokans hotels, retro game centers and cafes

  • Ishidan has  exactly 365 steps

  • as it was the locals wish for ikaho to have the same bustling energy for 365  days a year

  • At the top of the stone steps is an ikaho shrine

  • that was built in year 825.

  • People here pray to god of medicine and hot springs

  • Ikaho onsen has been popular among japanese over many  eras

  • the first record of the onsen is from the 13th century

  • but the breadth of taisho  era especially is felt from every corner

  • in taisho era many famous artists and writers  visited the onsen for creative activities  

  • Ikaho Onsen still remains as one of the favorite  onsens to visit for various reasons

  • place that might immediately stand  out and take you back to taisho era  

  • is a ryokan called Yokote Kan

  • the building has four stories and  is built entirely from cypress  

  • the rooms are airy and with large windows  that allow in a lot of light

  • each room has a special name after a tree or flower

  • you can find  rooms with names like plum sakura or red leaf

  • many people say it reminds  them of the (Ghibli) "Spirited away" movie

  • what makes this ryokan special are the  private onsens where nobody can disturb you  

  • as a guest of the ryokan you get  a key for a small onsen room with  

  • all the amenities you need  and all the privacy you want  

  • the water in this onsen has a specific  golden color

  • and locals call it koganenoyu (the golden spring)

  • this water is soft and less irritable

  • it is said to help with blood circulation, muscle pains, pains in your joint,fatigue and even help with your appetite

  • after my bath the staff of the hotel  gave me a box of onsen manju to try  

  • the service here is just the best

  • delicious

  • filled with sweet beans

  • and it has the color of onsen

  • Brown

  • as you can see you can feel  nostalgia from every corner here  

  • i was wondering why the locals  traded their history so much  

  • the answer to that question  was given to me by akiko-san  

  • the master of tamaki yada ryokan that  has been in her family for over 70 years

  • How did you like Taisho Roman?

  • i could tell that the locals here  really value their traditions and they want to pass them into the next generation

  • i personally  felt a lot of nostalgia passing through these streets

  • and i really hope that the generation  after this one will still be able to enjoy the charm of this wonderful place

  • thank you very  much for watching

  • see you in the next episode

  • bye

hello everyone welcome to WAORYU! ONLY IN JAPAN channel

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Japan's 100year old culture still alive in a small hot spring town: Ikaho Onsen

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    Summer posted on 2021/08/28
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