B2 High-Intermediate 1903 Folder Collection
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Seid ihr das Essen? Nein,
wir sind der jager!
Countless flowers crushed forever, Left for dead and names forgotten
Fallen birds long to be taken By a wind that's foul and rotten
Praying while the gods ignore you Leads to fear that makes you cower
But to change the fate before you Means to fight with all your power
Pigs who languish in their cowardice
Cannot step over corpses that clutter their path
Will you be complacent, always obeisant Or wake the starving wolf inside you?
Shame from the cage we gilded with sorrow Gives us the will to fight for tomorrow
Even a lamb content in its pasture Can be transformed into a
Longing for blood and headed for battle Now we are wolves where once we were cattle
Raising the cry we charge into twilight
Fire-red Bow and Arrow
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1903 Folder Collection
華子傑 published on August 16, 2014
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