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  • Oh, hello. Today, you find me preparingtraditional vegetable dish for the family.

  • It's classically English. It's sea kale with melted butter sauce.

  • For this recipe, you will need:

  • Water, sea kale, vinegar, butter, flour, salt and pepper, and nutmeg.

  • First, I'm going to prepare my sea kale.

  • Sea kale is very popular with the wealthy.

  • It's because it's grown like rhubarb. It's forced or blanched, covered over so when it's young it doesn't get any light, and then it grows tall and pale in color.

  • Mr. Vert has sent me some those grown naturally in the gardens, for the servantsThis will be bitter in taste and more stringy.

  • Sea kale also grows in the wildalong the coast. There the plant is very short and really quite bitter!

  • Now, I've bunched the sea kale together, I shall tie it up and trim the ends so they're all the same length.

  • Now, they're ready for cooking.

  • While they're boiling, I shall make my melted butter sauce.

  • I'm going to make a roux with melted butter and flour.

  • Stirring it until it becomes a thick paste.

  • Melted butter sauce, often just called melted butteris one of the most popular sauces here in Britain.

  • The French say that we only have one sauce and that is melted butter.

  • I suppose that depends on whether you think gravy is a sauce.

  • For a cook in a middle-class family, this would be the only sauce she'd really need to know.

  • It's nice and easy, and it goes with most things

  • You can then add anchovies or mushrooms or herbs if you wish to change the flavor.

  • Although like this, it is ideal for most vegetables.

  • I'm now going to add some saltpepper, and a little vinegar.

  • And finally, I like to add a little nutmeg.

  • Perfect.

  • Now that the sea kale has had a good twenty minutes boiling and is nice and soft, I shall take it out to drain.

  • I need to let it drain well for I don't want any water left on it, otherwise it might slip off the plate.

  • Now, I'm going to put my sauce into the sauce boat.

  • And now to present the sea kale.

  • And there you are. Sea kale with melted butter sauce.

Oh, hello. Today, you find me preparingtraditional vegetable dish for the family.

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How to Cook Sea Kale with Melted Butter Sauce — The Victorian Way

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